Radiator heat distributors

Radiator heat distributors: features and applications

Strict accounting of energy consumption, including heat energy, allows you to save on utility bills. Apartment heat meters have found their application only in systems with horizontal piping. However, in many houses (especially the old housing stock), the heating system has a vertical wiring — each battery goes to a separate riser. In this case, classic meters are not efficient enough, it is recommended to use a heat distributor. This is a small device that is mounted on a battery and allows you to calculate the amount of heat energy given off by it. For the most efficient metering, we strongly recommend that you buy a heat distributor for each radiator installed in the apartment.

Device Features

The essence of the operation of the radiator distributor is to register the temperature of the heater and the external environment. Based on these indicators, as well as the power of the radiator and the coefficient that takes into account the contact between the sensor and the radiator, the amount of released thermal energy is calculated. The result is displayed in conventional units.

The device is made in a durable plastic case and has the following advantages:

  • compact size, presentable design;
  • as standard — metal thermal adapter;
  • the ability to read readings without access to the premises;
  • indicator for removing the device from the heater;
  • protection against overheating;
  • the ability to turn off during the warm season;
  • affordable heat distributor price;
  • long service life.

Features of heat accounting

A large number of factors affect the level of heat in an apartment, including:

  • location of housing (number of floors, corner or internal);
  • number of heaters;
  • availability and quality of the insulation system;
  • the level of heat transfer of radiators and others.

Each apartment has its own the level of heat consumption, it is incorrect to calculate payment only based on the dimensions of the room. However, it is also wrong to buy a radiator heat distributor and calculate the flow rate only on the basis of its readings. The formation of the amount of payment is carried out taking into account the complex of components — data of the radiator distributor, indications of the general house heat meter, area of ​​​​the apartment. For the correct functioning of the energy accounting system, at least half of the apartments in an apartment building must be equipped with radiator distributors.

The devices are equipped with a built-in battery with ultra-low voltage, the resource of which is enough for 10 years of operation. Operation of devices is absolutely safe for humans. However, they are not allowed to be used with steam heating devices, the "warm floor" system; and combined heating system.

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