Compact heat calculator multidata WR3

  • ZR-Bus, incl. 2 inputs
  • M-Bus incl. 2 inputs
  • RS-232, incl. 2 inputs
  • 2 outputs for remote counting
  • Measurement of heat/cold in one device
  • Powered by an external network
  • Computer for heat, cold, or combined heat/cold values


The multidata WR3 heat meter is a stand-alone heat meter that can be combined with all common flow meters and temperature sensors.

Multidata WR 3 can be opened without the aid of any tool. The heat calculator is located in the housing cover, so that the lower part of the housing can remain without dismantling during various works, which greatly facilitates the work. Interference is automatically identified and can be displayed on the display with date, duration and type of interference.

The memory, which retains information when the power is turned off, memorizes all important parameters at regular intervals without loss.
The calculator has a built-in, freely programmable data logger as standard. 

multidata WR 3 in a special version is also used in air conditioning systems (according to the register K 7.2 of the certificate).
This makes it possible to calculate the measurement of the cooling energy with the multidata WR 3. multidata WR 3 is also suitable for combined heat / cooling metering. The heat consumption and cooling energy consumption values ​​are stored separately in the memory. Their field of application is air conditioning systems, where heat and cooling energy is supplied through the same pipeline network.

The proven multifunction display constantly displays the current consumption value. The button that is
on the heat meter, all registered parameters are interrogated, which are grouped into three menus. Data on a pre-set reading day is not a problem for the multidata WR3.

As a true multi-talent, the multidata WR3 fits all flowmeters of all sizes. The flow meter input can be connected
both conventional flow meters with Reed contact and high-frequency electronic meters. It does not matter whether it is a mechanical vane flowmeter or a static ultrasonic flowmeter. multidata WR3 easily covers the flow range from qp 0.6 to qp 250.

All standard devices have the ability to connect, along with the flow meter, two additional impulse sensors, for example, a cold water meter and a warm water meter. The meter data is interrogated via the menu on the device or by remote reading.

Supplied options

  • ZR-Bus incl. 2 entrances
  • M-Bus incl. 2 entrances
  • RS-232 incl. 2 entrances
  • 2 outputs for remote counting
  • Heat / cold measurement in one device
  • Powered from an external network
  • Computing device for heat, cold, or combined heat / cold values
  • Automatic self-diagnosis
  • Bus interfaces on request
  • With two additional inputs / outputs as standard
  • The ability to open the device without the help of any tools
  • Large data logger (data memory) on request via memory cards
  • Two- or four-wire temperature measuring principle
  • Customer-Programmable 8-Digit Number
  • Integrated installation for wall mounting and special rails

Model overview

Those. information

Data transmission system M-Bus




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