Resource accounting

Heat meters of Pulsar trade mark

Devices for accounting for the use of thermal energy at residential and commercial facilities provide control over the consumption of thermal energy, the consumer pays only for actual heat consumption. Company «TEPLOVODOKHRAN» sells heat meters of the brand "Pulsar" own production. We have a wide range of models of thermal energy metering devices, which differ in the principle of operation, modification, price.

Hardware features

The task of the heat energy meter — calculate not only the volume of water that passes through the heater, but also the amount of energy given up by the liquid. For this, a formula is used, which includes indicators of the volume of water, temperature in the supply pipeline and the "return".

Any heat meter consists of the following components:

  • water volume meter;
  • thermal sensors;
  • a calculation mechanism that calculates the amount of heat energy used, taking into account the above parameters.

Types of equipment

Our company manufactures heat meters of the following types:

  • mechanical (vane) — compact, easy to use, economical devices. The main working element of the measuring mechanism is the impeller, which is driven by the water flow. Batteries are used as a power source for the computing mechanism;
  • electromagnetic. We use the principle of electromagnetic induction — the property of a liquid to generate an electric current when passing through a magnetic field. These instruments are highly accurate. However, the price of a heat meter in an apartment is higher, as are the requirements for its installation and operation. The coolant must have electrical conductivity and not contain foreign impurities. Only experienced specialists should install the device, installation is carried out away from electrical appliances;
  • ultrasonic. The work is based on measuring the transit time of the ultrasonic signal from its generator to the receiving device. This parameter depends on the speed of movement of water or other coolant. Structurally, such devices are a pipe with sensors, temperature meters and a computing mechanism.

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