Minometer M7


Electronic heating cost allocation device Minometer® M7, hereinafter referred to as “distributor”, is designed to measure the temperature difference between the surface of the heater and the temperature of the surrounding air and calculate, based on the measured temperature difference, a number proportional to the amount of heat energy released by the heater.
The set of indications of distributors in the collective heating system allows to allocate the share of the costs of each apartment from the total house costs according to the indications of the general heat energy meter and to calculate the heating costs for each consumer of an apartment building.

Minometer valves are used in the field of housing and communal services.


  • Electronic heating cost allocator with two temperature sensors measuring method
  • Measuring range 35 ° C to 130 ° C calculated average temperature
  • Storage of the last two billing periods, both valid and final data for the last 18 months
  • Reliable detection of heat from external sources through reliable internal checks
  • Signal plate compatible with Minotherm® evaporative heating cost allocator and Minometer® M5 and M6 electronic heating cost allocators
  • Consumption data can be read by means of a radio transmitter
  • Intuitive, clear, 5-digit multifunction display
  • Guaranteed power supply for 10 years plus reserve (reserve)
  • Infrared interface for visualization of automatic data using a laptop, display capable of recovery and programming
  • Freely selectable readout output
  • High resolution flow data
  • Continuous internal self-test
  • Any attempt at manipulation is electronically recorded
  • It is easy to determine the start date of the first installation
  • Increased protection against thermal, electrical and magnetic influences

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