Distributor with visual reading Article: H00003654

Article: Н00003654

Mass no more than 0.1 kg
Average Life at least 12 years old
Mean time to failure 180000 hours
Overall dimensions 77 x 39 x 31 mm
Power supply 3 V
Transmitter operating range 433 MHz
868 MHz
Transmitter power no more than 10 mW


The device for distribution of heat consumption "Pulsar" (distributor) is designed to measure the temperature difference between the surface of the heater and the environment with the subsequent calculation of a value proportional to the amount of heat energy of the heater. The set of indications of distributors, collective heating system, allows you to select the share of heat consumption of each apartment, from the indications of the general meter of heat energy.


  • Made in Russia
  • Warranty — 5 years
  • Aluminum thermal adapter is included in the kit, its cost is included in the price of the distributor
  • Remove data without access to the apartment
  • Simplified setup, data readout and heat distribution techniques
  • Open exchange protocol
  • Dispenser removal indication
  • Protection against attempts to change the temperature of the outdoor sensor and against solar heating of the distributor
  • Ability to verify the readings submitted by tenants through a checksum
  • Disabling accounting during the warm season

Model overview

Those. information

Technical data  
Number of temperature sensors, pcs 1 or 2
Version with external temperature sensor there is
Reading options Radio channel, display
Period of work from the built-in battery 10 years
Archive 18 monthly values
Types of heaters for installation All presented on the Russian market




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