Slip Sleeve Axial Fittings

ONE PLUS fittings are axial-type brass fittings with slip-on sleeve (press fit
tingi). Designed to connect ONE PLUS pipes when installing hot and
cold, incl. drinking water supply, radiator heating, underfloor heating systems
and snow melting.

The axial connection with a slip-on sleeve is based on the principle of axial pressing of the sleeve onto the fitting socket. When pushing the fixing sleeve, the pipe is tightly pressed against the fitting nipple, which ensures a reliable connection between the pipe and the fitting.

The pipe itself acts as a seal due to the effect of molecular memory and the return of the expanded pipe to its original position. The connection is made with the special ONE PLUS assembly tool.

The ONE PLUS fittings are made of special hygienic brass grade CW617N, resistant to corrosion and provide a durable connection to the pipe.


  • Reliable one-piece connection with the pipe;
  • Suitable for concealed installation, including embedding in concrete;
  • Visual control of the quality of the connection;
  • Service life is not less than 50 years.

ONE PLUS Axial Fittings consist of two elements: a main piece with a union and a push-in sleeve. The pipe itself acts as a seal in this connection.
It should be noted that the sleeve is not included in the fitting kit and is calculated separately.

OnePlus Brass Fitting Properties

  1. The ONE PLUS brass fittings are manufactured from special dezincification grade CW617N brass, and meet the drinking water hygiene standards.
  2. Copper rods are used in the hot forging process to ensure the tightness and toughness of the fittings.
  3. Fittings are less brittle at high temperatures and are twice as strong as cast fittings.
  4. The outer surface is specially treated for color retention and to ensure long-term use and resistance to corrosion.
  5. The fittings are dimensioned strictly according to ISO standards, while the combination with the pipe dimensions ensures the reliability of the connections.
  6. With over 5,000 thermal tests and 10,000 shock test cycles, the service life is rated for over 50 years.
  7. Slip-on sleeve fittings can be used to join PEX, PE-RT, and PB pipelines.

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