Threaded tee Ext-Int-Ext MVI

Threaded tee Ext-Int-Ext MVI 1/2" - 173.05 To order

Threaded tee Ext-Int-Ext MVI

Tees are used to create a branch on a section of a pipeline for heating or water supply systems. The size is indicated on the body of the product in inches.

List of liquids aggressive to product materials

List of materials leading to complete destruction in contact with fittings (seals) materials:

  • Concentrated nitric acid 80°C;
  • Amyl acetate 20°C;
  • Acetic acid anhydride 20-80°C;
  • Acetone 20°C;
  • Gasoline-benzene 20°C;
  • Tar 20°C;
  • Steam 130°C;
  • Hydrogen peroxide, aqueous 20°C;
  • Propylene oxide 20°C;
  • Sulfurous carbon 20°C;
  • Concentrated hydrochloric acid 20-60°C;
  • Methyl methacrylate 20°C;
  • Naphthalene 60°C;
  • Nitroglycerin 20°C;
  • Toluene 20°C;
  • Trichlorethylene 20°C;
  • Acetic acid aqueous 100°C;
  • Phosphoric acid 20°C;
  • Freon according to DN 8962 R22 20°C;
  • Chlorine and solutions based on it 20°C;
  • Perchloric acid 100°C;
  • Tsarskaya vodka 20°C;
  • Ethanol (alcohol) 80°C.


  • Maximum working temperature of the medium, °С: 120;
  • Nominal pressure PN, bar: 40;
  • Thread type: Cylindrical;
  • Service life, years: 30;
    • Service life, years, for:
    • - fittings without seals 30
    • - Fittings with seals 15
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