Wilo-DrainLift XL

Wilo-DrainLift XL - Wastewater lifting unit as double pump station


Flexibility thanks to height-adjustable and swiveling connection to the supply pipe
Easy operation with integrated control unit
Built-in non-return valve
High switching capacity and reliable level detection ensures reliable operation
Suitable for continuous operation (S1) thanks to self-cooling motors


Sewage lifting unit as a double pump station


Pumping wastewater with faecal matter (in accordance with DIN EN 12050-1) that cannot be piped to the sewer system through the use of natural inclines, and disposal of fluids with backflow protection from drainage points below the backflow level (in accordance with DIN EN 12056-1).


  • Motor coil temperature monitoring sensor
  • Level control system with level sensor
  • Potential free contact
  • Control unit with Zener barrier and alarm
  • Detachable pump cable
  • Sealing for supply line DN 150
  • Circular saw for seal for supply line
  • Non return valve
  • Hose connection for ventilation
  • Hose connection for a hand membrane pump
  • Fixing material

Scope of delivery

Connection-ready wastewater lifting unit including:

  • Control unit with energy-independent alarm and plug
  • Zener barrier
  • 1 seal for supply line DN 150
  • 1 grommet for connection to supply pipe DN 150
  • 1 sleeve for connection of a hand membrane pump
  • 1 sleeve for connection to vent DN 70
  • 1 flange adapter DN 80/100 with flat gasket, gland and fixing material for connection to pressure socket DN 100
  • Fixing material
  • Assembly and operating instructions

Model overview

Those. information

Name decoding

For example: Wilo-DrainLift XL 2/25 (3~)
XL2 Two-pump system
/25 Max. head [m]
(3~) 3~: Three-phase

Technical Specifications

  • Power connection 3~400 V, 50 Hz
  • Power consumption P1 depending on type from 3 to 5.3 kW
  • Cable length from system to control unit 4 m/plug cable 1.5 m
  • S1 / S3 operating mode - 60%
  • Liquids temperature to be pumped max. 40° C, temporarily 60° C
  • Environmental temperature max. 40°C
  • Free passage for spherical particles 40mm
  • Pressure connection DN 80
  • Connection to inlet DN 100/DN 150
  • Connection to ventilation duct DN 70 .
  • Protection class (without control box) IP 67
  • Gross reservoir capacity 380 litres
  • Controller capacity 260 litres


  • Motor housing: stainless steel 1.4404 (AISI 316L)
  • Motor housing: stainless steel
  • Hydraulic: synthetic material PE/PUR
  • Vessel: synthetic material polyethylene


A ready-to-connect and fully floodable wastewater lifting unit (flood level: 2 m water column, immersion time: 7 days) with gas- and watertight storage tank and backflow preventer. Centrifugal pump with free-flow impeller.

DrainLift XL2:

DrainLift XL2: Twin pump system for automatic operation (with automatic pump changeover, standby pump mode and second pump start mode during peak loads). Thanks to the integrated double check valve, only one pressure line needs to be connected. Control unit with CEE plug, potential-free contact, integrated energy-independent alarm. Pumps with integrated cooling jacket.

Warning: The control unit must not be allowed to flood, so it must be installed in a water-proof place.


Installation instructions Download
Documentation Download



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