Built-in touch tap for sink

Built-in touch tap for sink - 9360.00 To order

The valve with automatic water supply is designed for an adjustable short-term supply of water from domestic water supply systems. The crane is equipped with an infrared sensor that reacts to the appearance of an object in the area of ​​the sensor.
Power source: batteries (4 elements AA 1.5V) or 220V.

  • Consumption 5l ± 0.1l / min at a pressure of 2.5 atm;
  • Recommended pressure 2.5 atm;
  • Working temperature - up to 75°С;
  • Weight no more than 3 kg;
  • 6v battery power supply and transformer box .;
  • The maximum distance to the cut of water pipes with supply hoses 600 mm-520 mm, 400 mm-320 mm, 300 mm-220 mm .;
  • The mixer is designed to operate at pressures from 1.5 to 6.3 atm.

Note: If the water pressure is higher than 5 bar, use pressure reducing valves to reduce the pressure. To avoid damage to the protective and decorative coating, the mixer should not be cleaned with abrasive materials or products containing highly active solvents. The complete set and installation method are shown in the diagram.

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