Wilo-Economy CO/T-1 Helix V


  • Compact, ready-to-connect system for applications where system separation is required
  • System reliability through the use of Helix V series stainless steel high-pressure centrifugal pumps
  • Simple set-up and reliability in operation through use of CE control unit


Water supply unit with system separation and normally aspirated high-pressure centrifugal pump


  • Fully automatic water supply and pressure boosting in residential, office and administration buildings, hotels, hospitals, shopping centres and various industrial facilities
  • Pumping of potable water, process water, cooling water, fire water (apart from fire-extinguishing systems in accordance with DIN14462 and subject to approval by local fire-fighting authorities) or other water mixtures that do not chemically or mechanically attack the materials used and do not contain abrasive or long-fibre constituents


  • 1 Helix V series pump
  • Max. number of sections: 14
  • Polyethylene storage tank with natural ventilation (150 l)
  • Corrosion resistant parts in contact with the pumped liquid
  • Shut-off valve on pressure side
  • Check valve on suction side
  • Storage tank incl. float valve and float switch (alarm sensor for low water level)
  • Diaphragm pressure vessel 8 l, PN 16, discharge side
  • Dry run protection

Scope of delivery

  • Pressure boosting system factory assembled, tested for fail-safe function and tightness, ready for connection
  • Packaging
  • Installation and operating instructions

Model overview


Product designation Total tank volume   V Unit capacity without backup pump   Q Gross weight approx.   m Article number
Economy CO/T-1 Helix V 403/CE 150.0 l 6.5 м³/h 120.0 kg 2545680
Economy CO/T-1 Helix V 404/CE 150.0 l 6.5 м³/h 121.0 kg 2545681
Economy CO/T-1 Helix V 406/CE 150.0 l 6.5 м³/h 124.0 kg 2545682
Economy CO/T-1 Helix V 407/CE 150.0 l 6.5 м³/h 126.0 kg 2545683
Economy CO/T-1 Helix V 409/CE 150.0 l 6.5 м³/h 127.0 kg 2545684
Economy CO/T-1 Helix V 410/CE 150.0 l 6.5 м³/h 132.0 kg 2545685
Economy CO/T-1 Helix V 412/CE 150.0 l 6.5 м³/h 133.0 kg 2545686
Economy CO/T-1 Helix V 414/CE 150.0 l 6.5 м³/h 137.0 kg 2545687
Economy CO/T-1 Helix V 603/CE 150.0 l 10.0 м³/h 122.0 kg 2545688
Economy CO/T-1 Helix V 604/CE 150.0 l 10.0 м³/h 125.0 kg 2545689
Economy CO/T-1 Helix V 605/CE 150.0 l 10.0 м³/h 127.0 kg 2545690
Economy CO/T-1 Helix V 606/CE 150.0 l 10.0 м³/h 128.0 kg 2545691
Economy CO/T-1 Helix V 608/CE 150.0 l 10.0 м³/h 134.0 kg 2545692
Economy CO/T-1 Helix V 609/CE 150.0 l 10.0 м³/h 137.0 kg 2545693
Economy CO/T-1 Helix V 610/CE 150.0 l 10.0 м³/h 138.0 kg 2545694
Economy CO/T-1 Helix V 612/CE 150.0 l 10.0 м³/h 148.0 kg 2545695

Those. information

Explanation of the name

Example: Wilo-CO / T-1 Helix V 403 / CE
CO Compact pressure boosting system
T With integrated recovery tank as system separator
1 Single pump
Helix V Pump Series
4 Nominal volume flow of single pump [m 3 / h]
03 Number of single pump sections
CE Control device; CE = Controller Economy

Technical specifications

  • Connection to 3-phase 230/400 V ± 10%, 50 Hz (other versions on request)
  • Max. temperature of pumped liquid: 40 °C
  • Max. medium temperature: 40 °C 40 °C
  • Operating pressure 16 bar
  • Inlet pressure 6 bar
  • Switching pressure stages 6/10/16 bar
  • Nominal diameters for connection on the discharge side Rp 1 ¼"
  • Nominal diameters for connection on the supply side Rp 1 ¼"
  • Switching speed 2900 rpm
  • Protection class IP41
  • Switching capacity P2 max. 10 A = 4 kW (at > 4 kW with electromechanical serial power supply)
  • AC 3 fuses on the line side according to motor size and power supply company regulations
  • Approved liquids (other fluids on request): Approved fluids are water, which does not contain abrasive or long-fibre constituents and which does not attack the materials used chemically or mechanically
  • Pure water without any precipitating substances.
    • domestic, cold, cooling and rain water;
    • drinking water;
    • Water for firefighting purposes.


  • Impellers and stainless steel sections 1.4301/1.4404
  • Stainless steel pump casing 1.4301/1.4404
  • Stainless steel shaft 1.4301/1.4404
  • EPDM (EP 851)/FKM (viton) seal
  • Enclosure cover made of stainless steel 1.4301/1.4404
  • Lower body part stainless steel 1.4301/1.4404
  • Sliding mechanical seal in graphite/tungsten carbide, SiC/graphite
  • Stainless steel pressure cover 1.4301/1.4404
  • Bearings made of tungsten carbide
  • EN-GJL-250 pump support
  • Stainless steel piping system 1.4307


Connection-ready water-supply unit, mounted on a polyethylene base frame, complete piping system including all necessary fittings and shut-off devices (except for inlet-side shut-off devices), pressure sensor set, stainless steel high-pressure multistage centrifugal pump in dry-running version (Helix V series) and fully assembled and ready for connection CE control unit, electronic shutdown system for protection against dry running integrated in control unit
Diaphragm pressure vessel 8 l/PN 16 located on the discharge side with a butyl rubber diaphragm in accordance with food safety laws; with isolation device for inspection and testing purposes, with emptying system and flow-through device in accordance with DIN 4807
Control unit: The unit is equipped as standard with an Economy controller CE


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