Sink mixer

Sink mixer - 5580.00 To order

A special feature of this product is that the water supply cycle ends automatically. To start the cycle, you need to press the water supply button once and release it. Repeat the cycle if necessary. This sequence of actions allows you not to touch the tap after switching on and, of course, saves water. The water supply stops after a set time regardless of the pressure in the system.

The water temperature regulator can be used to change the ratio of hot and cold water at the outlet, but hot or cold water cannot be completely turned off.

Portion-push and optoelectronic (for public institutions) sink mixers are equipped with PC-SPRAY aerators. These high-tech products of the NEOPERL company provide additional (in addition to that which is provided by the very use of optoelectronic and pressure devices) water savings of about 45%. At the same time, the outward flow of water does not differ from the usual one, and the washing process is as effective as when using a conventional aerator. At increased pressure, splashes may appear, in which case it is recommended to reduce the pressure in the network.

  • Recommended pressure 2.5 bar 2. Working temperature - up to 75°С;
  • Weight 1.5 kg;
  • Sink thickness from 0.5 to 35mm.

Note: To avoid damage to the protective and decorative coating, do not clean using abrasive materials or products containing highly active solvents.

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