Ultrasonic heat meters in the apartment

Apartment ultrasonic heat meters "Pulsar"

To account for the consumption of thermal energy in everyday life, mechanical and ultrasonic meters are used. The highest accuracy of readings is provided by ultrasonic heat meters in the apartment. They are suitable for housing of different sizes and configurations — from spacious cottages to compact studio apartments. They can be used as a thermal energy meter in a dead-end hot water supply system and a water consumption meter in a hot water supply system. They are recommended to be installed in pipelines with horizontal piping. The device can be mounted both in the supply pipeline and in the return pipeline. In systems with vertical wiring, special counters of the radiator distributor are used.

Features and working principle

Instruments of the "Pulsar" series are our development, so we can guarantee their high quality and reliability. An ultrasonic heat meter is manufactured in a high-strength housing that is resistant to mechanical stress, moisture, and magnetic fields. Its design includes the following elements:

  • ultrasonic measuring unit;
  • computing block;
  • resistance transducers.

The measuring device records the number of ultrasonic vibrations and transmits the data to the computing unit, the temperature sensors measure the thermal conditions in the supply pipe and the "return". All these data are sent to the computing unit, where they are processed. Using the device, you can accurately determine:

  • amount of heat energy in gigacalories;
  • amount of chilled energy and gigacalories;
  • heat output (number of gigacalories per hour);
  • volume flow rate of the heat carrier in the supply and return pipes (number of cubic meters per hour;
  • total heat carrier consumption (number of cubic meters);
  • heat carrier temperature in both pipelines (in degrees Celsius);
  • the difference in thermal conditions in the supply pipe and the "return" (in degrees Celsius);
  • date and time.

All data can be recorded and stored in the non-volatile memory of the device.

Advantages of an ultrasonic heat meter

The decision to buy an ultrasonic heat meter "Pulsar" allows you to purchase a device with a number of advantages compared to similar devices of competitors:

  • highest reliability due to the absence of wear parts;
  • mountable in horizontal and vertical position;
  • a wide range of functions;
  • compact dimensions, ease of installation, use, maintenance;
  • no risk of pressure loss in the pipeline;
  • removable computing unit;
  • self-diagnosis function;
  • long service life (at least 12 years);
  • Long period between verifications (6 years).

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