Mechanical heat meters for the apartment

Accounting for the use of thermal energy in everyday life allows you to significantly save on utility bills. In addition to residential premises, these devices can also be installed in offices and shops. They meet modern quality standards, are distinguished by high reliability and wide functionality. At the same time, it is easily integrated into general house accounting systems for energy consumption. Buying a heat meter for an apartment means solving the problem of controlling the use of energy resources by spending a minimum of money.

Features of heat meters in an apartment

Heat meter — this is a device with a combined design, which includes the following elements:

  • flow transducer;
  • computing block;
  • resistance thermocouples (made of platinum).

The meter can be installed both on the supply pipeline and on the return pipeline. The essence of his work is to measure the volume of water or other coolant, the temperature in the supply pipe and the "return". The data is processed by a computer system, as a result of which the amount of thermal energy is determined. A wide range of functions allows you to buy a heat meter in an apartment also for:

  • heat measurements in hot water systems;
  • for use as a hot water meter.

Parameters measured by the heat meter:

  • heat energy (in gigacalories);
  • volume of thermal carrier (in cubic meters);
  • the temperature of the heat carrier in the supply pipe and the "return" (in degrees Celsius);
  • difference in thermal conditions of the coolant in the supply and return pipes (in degrees Celsius);
  • water consumption per unit of time (number of cubic meters per hour);
  • instant heat output (megacalories per hour);
  • date and time.

In addition, the device diagnoses problems in the system and issues appropriate messages.

Advantages of apartment heat meters

In addition to the wide functionality and affordable price, the heat meter in the apartment has a number of other advantages:

  • high accuracy of readings;
  • resistance to mechanical stress and magnetic fields;
  • possibility of mounting the flow transducer separately from the computing unit;
  • possibility of remote data transfer (corresponding modules are installed optionally);
  • storing data in non-volatile memory;
  • long period between verifications (6 years);
  • Long service life (about 12 years).

Basic requirements for installing heat meters in an apartment

The installation is carried out in accordance with the design and technical documentation developed by the organization that provides heat supply. The device is mounted outside the dwelling on a straight section of the pipeline. An exception is the special permission of the supervisory authority. During installation, the possibility of air pockets should be prevented.

Heat meters are installed only in apartments with horizontal piping. In systems with vertical wiring (which can be found in the housing stock of the Soviet period), it is necessary to install a meter for each battery, but the readings of the devices will still not be accurate enough.

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