Sleeves for thermal converters


Thermal converters (they can also be called resistance thermometers) are special devices for measuring temperature. The devices work with temperatures from 0 to +180 degrees Celsius. Devices are in demand for measuring the temperature of liquids or gases.

For efficient operation of the device in any aggressive environment, the package must include a protective sleeve for the thermal converter. Its task is to keep all sensitive parts of the thermometer from the negative effects of substances or the entire environment. They protect against both chemical and mechanical influences - for example, strong pressure. Also, the sleeve allows you to replace temperature sensors without violating the tightness of the system as a whole.

How do RTD sleeves work?

Thermal resistance thermowells can be:

  • welded;
  • solid-cast;
  • welded.

The choice of a specific type of product depends on the conditions in which it will be used and the purpose of the thermal converter as a whole. A correctly selected sleeve will save a complex and expensive device from rapid wear and tear, saving the customer's money for maintenance and repair of equipment.


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