Repeater of RS 485 interfaces


Providing galvanic isolation between segments of the RS485 network, extending the line, building an RS485 network, consisting of more than 256 devices.


  • Made in Russia
  • Increased operational reliability
  • Adapted to work as part of ASKUE "Pulsar"
  • The warranty period of the device is 6 years.

Interface repeater: purpose and characteristics

The model is used to intensify a weak signal of the RS-485 interface. It restores the range and shape of the signal in the communication line, and also solves problems in the network ACS. Data transmission and reception are provided by automatic mode switching. The device provides galvanic isolation between different network segments.

The use of a repeater is necessary when the communication length between devices exceeds 1.2 km or devices in the network are more than 256. The Pulsar device guarantees the correct operation of the RS-485 interface at long distances and with a large number of connected devices on the communication line.


Technical data  
Rated range of supply voltages of the primary side, V 4…30
Power consumption, W, no more 0,25
Rated output voltage of the isolated power supply of the secondary side, V 5 ±10%
Output impedance of the isolated power supply of the secondary side, Ohm, no more 10
Maximum output current of the isolated power supply of the secondary side, mA, not less 50
Mounting the converter on a DIN rail  

Model overview

Those. information


Passport - RS485 Repeaters Download
Declaration of interface converters Download
Certificate of type approval of ASKUE measuring instruments Download



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