Resistance thermocouples


The use of these devices will allow you to quickly, simply and accurately determine the temperature difference of various substances: gaseous media, liquids, solids. Features of platinum resistance thermocouples, created by us using modern technologies and design solutions, provide a wide scope of their application, and also guarantee the reliability of the obtained indicators.

Advantages of RTDs

We offer sets of resistance thermocouples:


  • have a variety of design solutions;
  • have a high degree of efficiency and reliability;
  • are distinguished by ease of maintenance and installation.


Technical data  
Rated static characteristic (NSX) of the vehicle in accordance with GOST 6651-2009 Pt 100, Pt 500
Temperature coefficient TC α, С 0.00385 0.00391
Measured temperature range, С 0...180
Range of measured temperature differences, С 3...170
The limit of permissible deviation from NSX, С for class A Δt ≤ ± (0,15+0,002t) for class B Δt ≤ ± (0,30+0,005t)
Limits of permissible relative error in determining the temperature difference, % for class A δθ ≤ ± (0,2+5/θ) for class B δθ ≤ ± (0,4+5/θ)
Values ​​of indicators of thermal inertia, s, and no more 12
Calibration interval of thermometers 4 years

Model overview

Those. information


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