Wilo-Rexa UNI

Wilo-Rexa UNI - Submersible sewage pump for intermittent operation


  • High reliability thanks to corrosion-resistant hydraulic parts for universal use and various pumped fluids
  • Easy installation thanks to low weight, condenser integrated into single-phase motor and flange with integrated fixing
  • Optimal efficiency and reliability in operation due to free-flow impeller hydraulic unit with smooth surfaces
  • Quick maintenance through direct access to seal chamber and pump casing
  • Long maintenance intervals due to double sealing and large seal chamber


Submersible sewage pump for intermittent operation for stationary and portable wet well installation


  • Pumping
  • Faeces-laden wastewater in accordance with EN 12050-1;
  • Contaminated water
  • Pumped liquid with a pH-value > 4.5.
  • Material version "B": Aggressive pumped liquids, e.g. lake and sea water, condensate, distilled water


Winding temperature monitoring with bimetallic sensor

Scope of delivery

  • Submersible sewage pump with 10 m cable
  • Operating and service manual

Model overview


Product designation Article number
Rexa UNI V05/M04-523/P 6082113
Rexa UNI V05/M04-523/A 6082114
Rexa UNI V05/T04-540 6082115
Rexa UNI V05/T04-540/A 6082116
Rexa UNI V05/M06-523/P 6082117
Rexa UNI V05/M06-523/A 6082118
Rexa UNI V05/T06-540 6082119
Rexa UNI V05/T06-540/A 6082120
Rexa UNI V05/M08-523/P 6082121
Rexa UNI V05/M08-523/A 6082122
Rexa UNI V05/T08-540 6082123
Rexa UNI V05/T08-540/A 6082124
Rexa UNI V05B/M04-523/A 6087653
Rexa UNI V05B/T04-540 6087654
Rexa UNI V05B/M06-523/A 6087655
Rexa UNI V05B/T06-540 6087656
Rexa UNI V05B/M08-523/A 6087657
Rexa UNI V05B/T08-540 6087658
Rexa UNI V06/M11-523/P 6082137
Rexa UNI V06/M11-523/A 6082138
Rexa UNI V06/T11-540 6082139
Rexa UNI V06/T11-540/A 6082140
Rexa UNI V06/M15-523/P 6082141
Rexa UNI V06/M15-523/A 6082142
Rexa UNI V06/T15-540 6082143
Rexa UNI V06/T15-540/A 6082144
Rexa UNI V06/T25-540 6082145
Rexa UNI V06/T25-540/A 6082146
Rexa UNI V06B/M11-523/A 6087659
Rexa UNI V06B/T11-540 6087660
Rexa UNI V06B/M15-523/A 6087661
Rexa UNI V06B/T15-540 6087662
Rexa UNI V06B/T25-540 6087663
Rexa UNI V06K/M11-523/A 6089771
Rexa UNI V06K/T11-540 6089772
Rexa UNI V06K/M15-523/A 6089773
Rexa UNI V06K/T15-540 6089774
Rexa UNI V06K/T25-540 6089775

Those. information

Name decoding

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . designation. .

Example: Wilo-Rexa UNI V05B/M05-540/P
Rexa Submersible wastewater pump with hydraulics
UNI Series with copolymer hydraulics
V Free-flow impeller
05 Nominal diameter of the pressure connection:
05 = DN 50
06 = DN 50/65
B Materials used
  • without
  • = standard version
  • B = V4A version
  • K = with cooling jacket
T Network connection:
M = 1~
T = 3~
05 Value/10 = P2 motor power in kW
5 Frequency (5=50Hz, 6=60Hz)
40 Mains voltage
P Additional electrical equipment:
No additive = with cable with free end
P = with plug
A = with float switch and plug

Technical data

  • Mains supply: 1~230V, 50Hz or 3~400V, 50Hz
  • Submersible operation mode: S1
  • Submersible operating mode: S2-15 min.; S3 10%
  • Submersible operating mode, version K: S1
  • Protection class: IP68
  • Heat-resistance class of insulation: F
  • Temperature of pumped liquid: 3–40 °C, max. 60 °C for 3 min.
  • Liquid temperature: 3–40 °C max.
  • Free spherical clearance: 44mm
  • Cable length: 10 m


  • Motor housing: 1.4301
  • Hydraulic body: PP-GF30 (copolymer)
  • Operating wheel: PP-GF30 (copolymer)
  • Static seals: NBR (nitrile rubber)
  • Pump side seal: SiC/SiC
  • Motor side seal: NBR (V05), C/MgSiO4 (V06)
  • Shaft end: Stainless steel 1.4401

In the «B material version, all parts that come in contact with fluid are made of stainless steel 1.4401 (AISI 316).


The submersible sewage pump is designed as a submersible monobloc unit for stationary and mobile wet well installation.


Horizontal pressure connection for flange connection The maximum possible dry matter content is 8 %. The design uses free-flow impellers. Pump support is integrated in hydraulic housing.

Electric motor

Surface-cooled or jacketed electric motors in single-phase (with built-in operating condenser) and three-phase versions for direct starting are available:

  • Surface-cooled motor: Heat removal is transferred directly to the environment through the motor housing. The motors can be operated in immersed state in continuous duty (S1), and in non-immersed state — in intermittent duty (S2) or intermittent duty (S3).
  • Surface cooled motors
  • Motor with cooling jacket: Heat is dissipated by the fluid being pumped through the motor housing. These motors can be used either immersed or non-immersed (S1) for continuous operation.

The motors are also equipped with motor winding temperature sensors. They protect the motor winding from overheating. On units with a single-phase electric motor, they are built into the electrical circuit and work automatically without an external device. That is, the electric motor is switched off when overheated and is automatically switched on again after cooling down. According to the standard, bimetal sensors are used for this purpose.

The power cable is 10 m long according to the standard, and it comes in the following versions:

  • With loose cable ends
  • With plug
  • With float switch and plug
  • Sealing

    There is a seal chamber between the electric motor and the hydraulics. It is filled with white medical grade Vaseline oil. The sealing on the fluid side is by means of mechanical seals.

    The sealing chamber is filled with white medicinal vaseline oil.


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