Wilo-Rexa FIT

Wilo-Rexa FIT - Submersible sewage pump for intermittent operation


Ready for connection and immediate use (version A and P)
Easy operation thanks to installed float switch (version A)
Hydraulic section with free-flow impeller with large free passage for blockage-free operation
Seal chamber with optional external control
Low weight.


Submersible sewage pump for intermittent operation for stationary and portable wet well installation.


  • Pumping
  • Faeces-laden wastewater in accordance with EN 12050-1;
  • Contaminated water


  • Winding temperature monitoring with bimetallic sensor
  • Optional external bar electrode for seal chamber monitoring

Scope of delivery

  • Submersible sewage pump with 10 m cable
  • Cable version depending on version:
    • With loose cable ends (O)
    • With plug (P)
    • Version with float switch and plug (A)
  • Operating and maintenance manual

Model overview


Product designation Article number
Rexa FIT V05DA-122/EAD0-2-M0011-523-A 6064576
Rexa FIT V05DA-122/EAD1-2-T0011-540-A 6064577
Rexa FIT V05DA-122/EAD0-2-M0011-523-P 6064578
Rexa FIT V05DA-122/EAD1-2-T0011-540-O 6064579
Rexa FIT V05DA-124/EAD0-2-M0011-523-A 6064580
Rexa FIT V05DA-124/EAD1-2-T0011-540-A 6064581
Rexa FIT V05DA-124/EAD0-2-M0011-523-P 6064582
Rexa FIT V05DA-124/EAD1-2-T0011-540-O 6064583
Rexa FIT V05DA-126/EAD0-2-M0015-523-A 6064584
Rexa FIT V05DA-126/EAD1-2-T0015-540-A 6064585
Rexa FIT V05DA-126/EAD0-2-M0015-523-P 6064586
Rexa FIT V05DA-126/EAD1-2-T0015-540-O 6064587
Rexa FIT V05DA-222/EAD1-2-T0025-540-A 6064588
Rexa FIT V05DA-222/EAD1-2-T0025-540-O 6064589
Rexa FIT V05DA-224/EAD1-2-T0025-540-A 6064590
Rexa FIT V05DA-226/EAD1-2-T0039-540-A 6064592
Rexa FIT V05DA-226/EAD1-2-T0039-540-O 6064593
Rexa FIT V05DA-228/EAD1-2-T0039-540-A 6064594
Rexa FIT V05DA-228/EAD1-2-T0039-540-O 6064595
Rexa FIT V06DA-212/EAD0-2-M0011-523-A 6064596
Rexa FIT V06DA-212/EAD1-2-T0011-540-A 6064597
Rexa FIT V06DA-212/EAD0-2-M0011-523-P 6064598
Rexa FIT V06DA-212/EAD1-2-T0011-540-O 6064599
Rexa FIT V06DA-214/EAD0-2-M0015-523-A 6064700
Rexa FIT V06DA-214/EAD1-2-T0015-540-A 6064701
Rexa FIT V06DA-214/EAD0-2-M0015-523-P 6064702
Rexa FIT V06DA-214/EAD1-2-T0015-540-O 6064703
Rexa FIT V06DA-216/EAD1-2-T0025-540-A 6064704
Rexa FIT V06DA-216/EAD1-2-T0025-540-O 6064705
Rexa FIT V06DA-222/EAD1-2-T0039-540-A 6064706
Rexa FIT V06DA-222/EAD1-2-T0039-540-O 6064707
Rexa FIT V06DA-224/EAD1-2-T0039-540-A 6064708
Rexa FIT V06DA-224/EAD1-2-T0039-540-O 6064709
Rexa FIT V06DA-622/EAD0-4-M0011-523-P 6064710
Rexa FIT V06DA-622/EAD1-4-T0011-540-O 6064711
Rexa FIT V06DA-623/EAD0-4-M0015-523-P 6064712
Rexa FIT V06DA-623/EAD1-4-T0015-540-O 6064713
Rexa FIT V06DA-625/EAD0-4-M0015-523-P 6064714
Rexa FIT V06DA-625/EAD1-4-T0015-540-O 6064715
Rexa FIT V06DA-626/EAD1-4-T0025-540-O 6064716
Rexa FIT V06DA-628/EAD1-4-T0025-540-O 6064717
Rexa FIT V08DA-422/EAD0-4-M0011-523-A 6065917
Rexa FIT V08DA-422/EAD1-4-T0011-540-A 6065918
Rexa FIT V08DA-422/EAD0-4-M0011-523-P 6065919
Rexa FIT V08DA-422/EAD1-4-T0011-540-O 6065920
Rexa FIT V08DA-424/EAD0-4-M0011-523-A 6065921
Rexa FIT V08DA-424/EAD1-4-T0011-540-A 6065922
Rexa FIT V08DA-424/EAD0-4-M0011-523-P 6065923
Rexa FIT V08DA-424/EAD1-4-T0011-540-O 6065924
Rexa FIT V08DA-426/EAD0-4-M0015-523-A 6065925
Rexa FIT V08DA-426/EAD1-4-T0015-540-A 6065926
Rexa FIT V08DA-426/EAD0-4-M0015-523-P 6065927
Rexa FIT V08DA-426/EAD1-4-T0015-540-O 6065928
Rexa FIT V08DA-428/EAD1-4-T0025-540-O 6065929
Rexa FIT V08DA-524/EAD0-4-T0035-540-O 6065931
Rexa FIT V08DA-526/EAD0-4-T0035-540-O 6065932
Rexa FIT V10DA-422/EAD1-4-T0015-540-O 6081900
Rexa FIT V10DA-424/EAD1-4-T0025-540-O 6081901
Rexa FIT V10DA-425/EAD1-4-T0025-540-O 6081902
Rexa FIT V10DA-426/EAD0-4-T0035-540-O 6081903
Rexa FIT V10DA-428/EAD0-4-T0035-540-O 6081904
Rexa FIT V05DA-124/EAD1-2-T0011-540-O 2780000
Rexa FIT V05DA-126/EAD1-2-T0015-540-O 2780001
Rexa FIT V05DA-222/EAD1-2-T0025-540-O 2780002
Rexa FIT V05DA-226/EAD1-2-T0039-540-O 2780003
Rexa FIT V05DA-228/EAD1-2-T0039-540-O 2780004
Rexa FIT V06DA-214/EAD1-2-T0015-540-O 2780005
Rexa FIT V06DA-216/EAD1-2-T0025-540-O 2780006
Rexa FIT V06DA-222/EAD1-2-T0039-540-O 2780007
Rexa FIT V06DA-224/EAD1-2-T0039-540-O 2780008
Rexa FIT V06DA-628/EAD1-4-T0025-540-O 2780009
Rexa FIT V05DA-224/EAD1-2-T0025-540-O 2458803

Those. information

Name decoding

Example: Wilo-Rexa FIT V06DA-110/EAD1-2-T0015-540-A
Rexa Submersible wastewater pump
FIT Series
V Free-flow impeller
06 Nominal diameter of pressure connection, e.g. DN 65
D Threaded ports on the suction connector of the hydraulic part, acc. to DIN
A Hydraulic version in standard material
110 Hydraulic part identification number
E Surface-cooled motor
A Motor design in standard material
D Seal type: D = two independent mechanical seals
1 Efficiency class IE, e.g. 1 = IE1 (according to IEC 60034-30)
Efficiency class IE, e.g. 1 = IE1 (according to IEC 60034-30)
- without explosion-proof version
2 Number of poles
T Maintenance of the network connection:
M = 1~
T = 3~
0015 Value/10 = P2 motor power in kW
5 Frequency (5=50Hz, 6=60Hz)
40 Mains voltage
A Peripheral electrical equipment:
O = free end of cable, no equipment connected
P = with plug
A = with float switch and plug

Technical Specifications

  • Mains connection: 1~230 V, 50 Hz or 3~400 V, 50 Hz
  • Operating mode in immersed state: S1
  • Non-submersible operating mode: S2-15 min, S3 10%
  • Protection class: IP68
  • Insulation temperature class: F
  • Temperature of pumped liquid: 3-40 °C, max. Temperature of pumped liquid: 3-40 °C, max.
  • Free spherical clearance: 50 / 65 / 80 mm
  • Cable length: 10 m


  • Motor housing: 1.4301
  • Fluid body: EN-GJL250
  • Impeller: EN-GJL250
  • Static seals: NBR (nitrile rubber)
  • Seal at pump side: SiC/SiC
  • Motor side seal: C/MgSiO4
  • Shaft end: Stainless steel 1.4021


Submersible sewage pump as submersible monobloc unit for stationary and portable wet well installation in intermittent operation.

Hydraulic part

Horizontal pressure connection for flange connection Maximum possible dry matter content is 8 % (depending on the type of hydraulic part). Free-flow impellers are used in the design.

Electric motor

Surface-cooled, single-phase (with built-in operation capacitor) and three-phase direct-start electric motors are available. Heat is dissipated directly to the environment via the motor housing. The motors can be operated in immersed state in continuous duty (S1), and in non-immersed state in intermittent duty (S2) or intermittent duty (S3).

In addition, the electric motors are equipped with sensors for monitoring the temperature of the motor winding. They protect the motor winding from overheating. On units with single-phase motors, they are integrated in the electrical circuit and operate automatically without external device. That is, the electric motor is switched off when overheated and is automatically switched on again after cooling down. According to the standard, bimetal sensors are used for this purpose.

In addition, the electric motor can be equipped with an external seal chamber tightness monitoring electrode to monitor the oil chamber. This indicates the ingress of water into the oil chamber through the mechanical seal on the fluid side.

The standard length of the power cable is 10 m and it is available in the following versions:

  • With loose cable ends
  • With plug
  • With float switch and plug


There is a sealing chamber between the electric motor and the hydraulic part. It is filled with white medical Vaseline oil. The fluid-side and motor-side seals are provided by two mechanical seals which rotate independently of each other.


Wilo-Rexa FIT Installation and operating instructions Download
Documentation Download



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