Wilo-FLA Compact-1 Helix V



  • Pressure booster unit for water supply for firefighting in accordance with DIN 14462, for indirect connection.
  • With vertical multi-stage stainless steel high-pressure multistage centrifugal pump with dry rotor and receiving tank.


Automated water supply system for fire-fighting installations with wall-mounted hydrants type "F" in residential, office and public buildings, hotels, hospitals, shopping centers and industrial systems


  • One Helix FIRST V 16, 22 series pump with standard IE2 motor
  • Automatic pump control with FLA control unit
  • Corrosion resistant parts in contact with pumped liquid
  • Galvanized steel base frame with height adjustable anti-vibration mounts providing structure-borne sound insulation
  • Stainless steel 1.4301 piping system
  • Pressure side ball valve
  • Pressure-side shutoff valve between pump and sump
  • Check valve on the discharge side
  • Pre-adjusted valve at pump outlet to minimize bypass flow
  • Pressure switch on discharge side
  • Pressure gauge on pressure side
  • Diaphragm pressure vessel 8 l, PN 16, arranged on the pressure side
  • Pressure sump with natural ventilation in accordance with DIN 14462, with free outlet in accordance with EN 13077, type AB in accordance with DIN EN 1717
  • Cylindrical, high-density polyethylene basin with water level indicator
  • Drain
  • Float switch as signal transmitter for protection against lack of water
  • Water supply and ventilation through strainer
  • Inspection port with a lid that can be closed hermetically without tools
  • Internal restriction baffles to reduce medium flow rate
  • Inlet, sampling connection
  • Overflow as free outlet, type AB to DIN EN 1717, no round cross-section

Scope of delivery

  • Pressure boosting system factory assembled, tested for fail-safe operation and leaks, ready for connection
  • Pressure reservoir, ready for connection
  • Packaging
  • Installation and operating instructions

Model overview


Product designation Unit capacity without backup pump & nbsp; Q Gross weight approx. m Maximum working pressure PN Number of pumps Number of standby pumps Article number
FLA Compact-1 Helix V 1604 DS8 18.0 м³/h 222.0 kg 10 bar 1 0 2540107
FLA Compact-1 Helix V 1605 DS8 18.0 м³/h 236.0 kg 10 bar 1 0 2540108
FLA Compact-1 Helix V 1606 DS8 18.0 м³/h 238.0 kg 10 bar 1 0 2540109
FLA Compact-1 Helix V 1607 DS10 18.0 м³/h 278.0 kg 10 bar 1 0 2540110
FLA Compact-1 Helix V 1608 DS16 18.0 м³/h 280.0 kg 16 bar 1 0 2540111
FLA Compact-1 Helix V 1609 DS16 18.0 м³/h 294.0 kg 16 bar 1 0 2540112
FLA Compact-1 Helix V 1610 DS16 18.0 м³/h 297.0 kg 16 bar 1 0 2540113
FLA Compact-1 Helix V 1611 DS16 18.0 м³/h 298.0 kg 16 bar 1 0 2540114
FLA Compact-1 Helix V 2204 DS8 18.0 м³/h 286.0 kg 10 bar 1 0 2540116
FLA Compact-1 Helix V 2205 DS10 18.0 м³/h 303.0 kg 10 bar 1 0 2540117
FLA Compact-1 Helix V 2206 DS16 18.0 м³/h 304.0 kg 16 bar 1 0 2540118
FLA Compact-1 Helix V 2207 DS16 18.0 м³/h 319.0 kg 16 bar 1 0 2540119
FLA Compact-1 Helix V 2208 DS16 18.0 м³/h 359.0 kg 16 bar 1 0 2540120

Those. information

Explanation of the name

Example: Wilo-FLA Compact & ndash; 1 Helix V 1604 DS8
Fire extinguishing installations
<▪Compact with receiving tank
Number of pumps
Helix V Pump Series
Nominal flow [m 3 / h]
Number of pump sections
Pressure regulation range: up to 8 bar (depending on pump type)

Technical Specifications

  • Mains connection 3~400 V, 50 Hz
  • Max. temperature of the liquids to be pumped: 50 °C
  • Nominal pressure: 16 bar
  • Working pressure: up to 16 bar
  • Inlet pressure from storage tank < 1 bar
  • Nominal internal diameter for connection on the pressure side R 11/2" to R 2"
  • Nominal internal diameter for connection to float valve in the receiving tank: G2"
  • Control unit protection class IP 54
  • Cylindrical sump (540 l)


  • Impellers, diffusers, stepped casing made of stainless steel 1.4307
  • Pump casing made of cataphoresis coated grey cast iron EN-GJL-250
  • Stainless steel shaft 1.4057
  • 1.4404 Shaft guard
  • EPDM sealing ring (FKM seal on request)
  • Cylindrical tank made of high density polyethylene in black
  • Stainless steel piping system 1.4301


  • Support frame: galvanised, with height-adjustable anti-vibration mounts, providing good structure-borne sound insulation; other versions on request
  • Piping system: complete piping system in stainless steel 1.4301, suitable for connection of all common piping materials; the piping is designed according to the overall hydraulic capacity of the FLA pressure booster system
  • Pumps: Helix FIRST V 16, 22 series; all pump components in contact with fluid are made of stainless steel / EN-GJL-250 with cataphoresis coating. See catalog section "High-pressure centrifugal pumps" for more information about the pump.
  • Fittings: There is a special brass valve at the upper end of the hydraulic section of the pump for the return of the volumetric flow through the bypass to the receiving tank. This valve and the check valves are sealed and secured against unintended adjustment
  • Diaphragm pressure vessel 8 l/PN 16, installed on the discharge side. For inspection and testing purposes, equipped with a special flow valve which allows the diaphragm pressure vessel to be shut off and emptied
  • Pressure switch: pressure switch is positioned on the discharge side, for activation of the central FLA controller
  • Pressure display: Pressure gauge (ø 63 mm) on the discharge side; additional digital indication of operating pressure and FLA controller settings
  • Control unit/controller: the unit is equipped with a special FLA controller as standard
  • Inlet hopper: The unit is supplied with a sump (540 l). It is equipped with a float valve and a special water spray system with approval for use in the drinking water supply


Wilo-Helix V/ FIRST V 22-36-52 Download
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