Membrane water pressure regulator MVI

Membrane water pressure regulator MVI 1/2" - 1763.63 To order
Membrane water pressure regulator MVI 3/4" - 1784.69 To order

Membrane water pressure regulator MVI

  • Thread: 1/2", Price: 1763.63 ₽;
  • Thread: 3/4", Price: 1784.69 ₽

The pressure regulator is designed for controlled pressure reduction of the transported medium in cold and hot water supply networks, compressed air pneumatic pipelines, as well as in process pipelines transporting liquids and gases that are not aggressive to the materials of the product. The regulator maintains the outlet pressure not exceeding the setting pressure, regardless of pressure surges in the network (dynamic mode). In static mode, the downstream pressure of the SE.555 series regulator also does not exceed the set pressure. Regulation takes place according to the "after itself" scheme. The presence of a damping chamber reduces the limits of permissible deviations of the outlet pressure during sudden pressure surges at the inlet to the regulator.


  • Maximum operating temperature of the medium, °С 70;
  • Nominal pressure PN, bar 16;
  • Pressure regulation range, bar 1.5 ÷ 6;
  • Factory setting of pressure, bar 3 ± 0.5;
  • Thread size for 1/4" manometer connection;
  • Service life, years 20;
  • Thread type Cylindrical;
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