Water hammer damper MVI 1/2

Water hammer damper MVI 1/2 1/2" - 1843.38 To order

Water hammer damper MVI 1/2

Water hammer is a hydraulic phenomenon that occurs in a pipeline when the flow is suddenly cut off. It is related to several variables, including pipe length, pipe diameter, fluid velocity, and more importantly, the closing rate of a valve or shutoff system. In fact, in recent years the problem of water hammer has increased due to the disappearance of classic valve mixers in most household systems, replaced by more modern single-lever mixers. Installing a WHS shock absorber near single-lever mixers, solenoid valves, ball valves or washing machines will prevent any negative consequences of this phenomenon.


  • Maximum working temperature of the medium, °С 120;
  • Maximum working pressure PN, bar 10;
  • Maximum water hammer pressure, bar 50;
  • 1/2" thread size;
  • Thread type Cylindrical
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