PEX-A pipe for water supply

The ONE PLUSTM PEXa cross-linked polyethylene pressure pipe is designed for the construction and repair of internal networks of cold, hot water supply, underfloor heating (operation classes 1, 2, 4 according to GOST 32415-2013).


The ONE PLUSTM PEXa cross-linked polyethylene pressure pipe is intended for the construction and repair of internal networks of cold, hot water supply, underfloor heating (operation classes 1, 2, 4 according to GOST 32415-2013).

It is allowed to use pipes for non-category technological pipelines transporting liquid media that are non-aggressive to the pipe material.

ONE PLUSTM PEXa pipe is made of Lutene-H XL1800 material manufactured by LG CHEM, LTD. Lutene-H XL1800 is an ideal material for extrusion of pipes for water supply, heating, underfloor heating, it has long-term cracking resistance, good mechanical characteristics.

The optimal combination of strength and flexibility, good "molecular memory", the ability to extinguish water shocks, withstand freeze-thaw cycles. The low cost of the ONE PLUSTM PEXa pipe is an excellent choice for installing a "warm floor", heating open areas and staircases, stadiums, swimming pools, heating the soil in greenhouses, hotbeds, winter gardens and greenhouses.

Lutene-H XL1800 pipes have been tested by the Independent Testing Institute Bodycote Polymer.

Advantages of PEXa ONE PLUSTM pipes:

  • Not afraid of kinks and kinks. The molecular memory of the pipe material makes it easy to recover the shape when heated;
  • Absolute dielectric. The pipes do not conduct stray currents and static electricity;
  • The inner section of the pipe is not overgrown or silted up;
  • Ease of installation, low weight and ease of delivery of pipes in coils;
  • Large throughput due to low roughness of the inner layer of the pipe;
  • Versatility. Installation is carried out with press or compression fittings for metal-polymer pipes ONE PLUSTM

Model overview

Those. information

Indicator name ONE PLUSTM PEXa
Outside diameter, mm 16 20
Inner diameter, mm 12 16
Wall thickness, mm 2,0 2,0
vendor code 3104011051 3104011012
Coil length, m 200/100 100
Series S 3,5 4,5
Standard Dimension Ratio SDR 8 10
Weight 1 r.m. pipes, g 82 131
The volume of liquid in 1 r.m. pipes, l 0,113 0,201
Working temperature (0÷70)ºС
Emergency temperature (no more than 100 hours) 95ºС
Maximum working pressure
1, 2 classes
4 class

0,8 МPа
0,6 МPа 

1,0 МPа
0,8 МPа
Maximum working pressure at temperature 20ºС 1,25 МPа
Linear thermal expansion coefficient (1,2÷1,4х10-4) К-1
Change in pipe length after heating at temperature 120ºС within 60 minutes less 3%
Equivalent grain roughness coefficient 0,007
Coefficient of thermal conductivity 0,4 Вт/м·К
Polyethylene crosslinking method Peroxide
Cross-linking degree, not less 70%
Ultimate elongation >350%
Warranty period, years 10
Service life subject to the rules of installation and operation, years


Table of characteristics of service classes according to GOST 32415-2013

Service class Trab, °C Time at Тrab, year Tmax, °C Time at Tmax, year Tavar,°C Time at Tavar, h Application area
1 60 49 80 1 95 100  Hot water supply (60°С)
2 70 49 80 1 95 100 Hot water supply (70°С)
4 20 2,5 70 2,5 100 100 High temperature floor heating.
Low temperature heating with heating devices
40 20
60 25
5 20 14 90 1 100 100 High temperature heating with heating devices
60 25
80 10
XB 20 50 - - - - Cold water supply

The table uses the following designations:

Trab — operating temperature or combination of temperatures of the transported water, determined by the field of application;

Tmax — time-limited maximum operating temperature;

Tavar — emergency temperature arising in emergency situations when regulation systems are violated.


The maximum service life of the pipeline for each class of operation is determined by the total operating time of the pipeline at temperatures T slave Tmax Tavar   and is 50 years.

Например, для класса 4 расчет следующий: 2,5 года (при 20оС) + 20 лет (при 40оС) + 25 лет (при 60оС) + 2,5 года (при 100оС) = 50 лет

Pipe packing specifications ONE PLUSTM PEXa

Outside diameter, mm 16 20
Coil length, m 200 100
Box size (LxWxH), mm 800х800х150 800х800х150
Number of boxes on a pallet, pcs 14 14


Technical certificate. Download
Manufacturer`s insurance policy. Download



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