Water flow sensors (liquid)


Liquid flow sensors are widely used in technological pipelines of industrial enterprises, in the housing and communal services system for metering heat carriers and in other areas that require resource control. The devices are also irreplaceable in systems for automatic dosing of ingredients.

If necessary, a program can be installed on the sensor to check and calibrate the device. For data transmission, you can use a radio channel or wired networks.


  • Exceptional flow measurement accuracy with minimal error.
  • Reliable protection against polarity reversal and overvoltage.
  • Stable operation of the sensor around the clock.
  • Data transfer using an open protocol.
  • Autonomous power supply from a 4–8 V source.
  • Simple installation and use.


Tehnical data    
  Ду 15 Ду 20
Supply voltage, V 4...24
Output type open collector
Water consumption m³/h    
— least Qmin 0,03 0,05
— transition Qt 0,12 0,2
— nominal Qn 1,5 2,5
— the greatest Qmax 3 5,0
— sensitivity threshold 0,015 0,025
The limit of the permissible basic error does not exceed    
— in the range Qmin to Qt 5%
— in the range Qt to Qmax 2%

Model overview

Those. information


Passport flow sensor DN15 Download
Passport flow sensor Du20 Download
Certificate of type approval of ASKUE measuring instruments Download



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