Interface converter RS ​​485 - Ethernet


The multiport RS485 / Ethernet converter is equipped with 8 RS485 ports and is capable of supporting 2048 devices (8 networks of 256 devices).

The scope of these devices is automation and construction of data transmission networks from metering devices in industry and housing and communal services.


  • Made in Russia
  • Simultaneous work with 2048 devices
  • Competitive price not affected by currency fluctuations
  • Parallel polling of eight networks in real time
  • Configuration via the web interface
  • DIN rail mounting
  • The warranty period of the device is 6 years.
  • Possibility of customization according to customer requirements

Ethernet interface converter: hardware features

For high-quality and high-speed transmission of large amounts of information in a computer network, Ethernet packet data transmission technology is very helpful. It is also used in organizing control systems for automated accounting and energy resources (ASKUE). To receive and convert signals that come from meters that keep records of energy consumption - heat, water, gas, electricity - into data transmitted via Ethernet technology, an Ethernet interface converter has been developed. The device in a fraction of seconds allows you to translate meter pulses into data available for transmission over high-speed networks and processing on personal computers.


Technical data  
Supply voltage, V 5…30
Maximum power consumption, W, no more 5
Supported interfaces Ethernet, RS485
Enclosure protection IP20
Serial interface speed, bit 300..115200
Number of devices connected for each RS485 256
Ambient temperature, °С from 0 to +40
Overall dimensions, mm 90.2x71x57.79

Model overview

Those. information


Passport - Converters RS485 (8 ports) -Ethernet "Pulsar" Download
Declaration of interface converters Download
Manager of network devices "PULSAR" Download
Certificate of type approval of ASKUE measuring instruments Download



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