Wilo-EMUport CORE


Separation and transport of solids. Clean, safe and reliable.

In buildings and large properties, large solids in wastewater can clog the wastewater conveyance system. The consequence: operating malfunctions and increased service costs. The Wilo solids separation solution is a long-lasting solution: The Wilo-EMUport CORE solids separation system. It ensures maximum transport reliability without clogging. In addition, the hygienic dry well installation and easy access from the outside ensures very easy maintenance. A complete system is available in a version with corrosion-resistant sump and switchgear for the more powerful Wilo units as well. Precisely tailored to your needs.


Standardized sewage lifting unit with solids separation system according to DIN EN 12050-1 for installation indoors or in a sump for outside installation.


Pumping untreated sewage which cannot be piped to the sewer system through the natural height difference, as well as for drainage of objects which are below the backflow level (in accordance with DIN EN 12056/DIN 1986-100).


  • Wastewater lifting unit with solids separation system
  • Two separately lockable collection tanks for solid waste
  • Two submersible sewage pumps with electric motor for alternating operation, installed immersed
  • Pumps with IP68 protection and IE3 efficiency

Model overview


Product designation
EMUport CORE 20.2-10B
EMUport CORE 20.2-14B
EMUport CORE 20.2-17B
EMUport CORE 20.2-21B
EMUport CORE 20.2-25B
EMUport CORE 20.2-28B
EMUport CORE 20.2-31B
EMUport CORE 20.2-10A
EMUport CORE 20.2-14A
EMUport CORE 20.2-17A
EMUport CORE 20.2-21A
EMUport CORE 20.2-25A
EMUport CORE 20.2-28A
EMUport CORE 20.2-31A
EMUport CORE 45.2-9A
EMUport CORE 45.2-13A
EMUport CORE 45.2-16A
EMUport CORE 45.2-20A
EMUport CORE 45.2-24A
EMUport CORE 45.2-27A
EMUport CORE 45.2-30A
EMUport CORE 45.2-9B
EMUport CORE 45.2-13B
EMUport CORE 45.2-16B
EMUport CORE 45.2-20B
EMUport CORE 45.2-24B
EMUport CORE 45.2-27B
EMUport CORE 45.2-30B
EMUport CORE 50.2-8A
EMUport CORE 50.2-11A
EMUport CORE 50.2-12A
EMUport CORE 50.2-15A
EMUport CORE 50.2-17A
EMUport CORE 50.2-20A
EMUport CORE 50.2-22A
EMUport CORE 50.2-23A
EMUport CORE 50.2-27A
EMUport CORE 50.2-8B
EMUport CORE 50.2-11B
EMUport CORE 50.2-12B
EMUport CORE 50.2-15B
EMUport CORE 50.2-17B
EMUport CORE 50.2-20B
EMUport CORE 50.2-22B
EMUport CORE 50.2-23B
EMUport CORE 50.2-27B

Those. information

Supply kit

A ready-to-install wastewater discharge unit in pre-assembled condition, with manifold, level sensor and two pumps.

Name description

For example: Wilo-EMUport CORE 20.2-10A
CORE Standardized solid waste separation system
20 Max inflow in m³/h
2 Number of mounted pumps
10 Max. head [m]
A A=standard B=Comfort

Technical data

  • Capacity: 170 litres or 1200 litres
  • Max. Maximum delivery pipe connection height: 750 m
  • Head height of supply pipe Supply connection: DN 200
  • Supply pipe: DN 200 .
  • Mains supply: 3~400 V, 50 Hz 


  • Storage tank: PE
  • Solid waste collection tank: PE
  • Supply box: PUR


A ready-to-connect, fully floodable wastewater discharge unit with solid waste separation system. Single-section gas and watertight storage tank with no welded joints in the structure, as well as two separately interlocked solid waste collection tanks. The accumulation tank is rounded, the bottom of the tank is sloping, and its deepest point is located directly below the pumps. This prevents sedimentation and drying of solid waste in critical areas. By pre-filtering in the solids collection tanks, solids are filtered out of the pumped medium and only pre-filtered wastewater enters the collection tank Pumping is performed by two full-flow submersible wastewater disposal pumps for a non-immersed installation. The pumps are designed as a dual-pump unit with mutual redundancy and operate in alternating mode. Level regulation is carried out by means of a level indicator 0…2,5 m water column.

The «B» version is additionally equipped with an automatic rinsing function for the storage tank to enhance the cleaning effect. A matching SC-L series control unit is optionally available as an accessory.


Installation instructions Download
Documentation Download



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