Wilo-DrainLift SANI-S


The ultra-compact and lightest single-pump wastewater lifting unit for one- and two-family houses.
The compact single-pump wastewater lifting unit Wilo-DrainLift SANI-S is the smallest and lightest wastewater lifting unit compliant with EN 12050-1 (without cutting wheel), and therefore ideal for use in single- and two-family houses. The easy-to-install DrainLift SANI-S unit is practically versatile thanks to its large pump volume, selectable air inlets and an optional version for particularly aggressive pumped liquids. The user-friendly design makes maintenance as easy as possible for the user. Thanks to the optional optional radio alarm transmitter, a push message is sent to a smartphone in the event of a malfunction. Maximum ease of installation and transport thanks to ultra-compact design and extremely low weight


Compact, ready-to-connect, fully floodable wastewater lifting unit with single pump for the pumping of wastewater containing faecal matter.


  • Pumping wastewater containing faeces.
  • When it is not possible to pump waste water to a sewer system using natural inclines.
  • For drainage with backflow prevention if the discharge point is below the backflow level.


  • Control unit with non-volatile alarm and generalized fault indication
  • Ready for connection
  • Tank with inspection opening and transparent cover
  • Analogue level detection system (4 ... 20 mA)
  • Check valve with test port
  • Sensor for monitoring the motor winding temperature (bimetallic sensor)

Scope of delivery

  • Drainage Technology with control unit and power cable with plug
  • Flange adaptor DN 80/100
  • Wrap DN 100 for connection to the pressure connection
  • Wrap 50 mm to the ventilation connection
  • Wrap DN 50 for emptying connection
  • Vent sleeve kit with circular saw 124 mm and gasket DN 100
  • Fixing material
  • Sound absorbing mats
  • 9 V accumulator
  • Operation and maintenance manual

Model overview


Product designation Article number
DrainLift SANI-S.11M/1 2549900
DrainLift SANI-S.11T/1 2549901
DrainLift SANI-S.11M/3C 2549917
DrainLift SANI-S.11T/3C 2549918

Those. information

Name decoding

Example: DrainLift SANI-S.11M/3C< d>
DrainLift Product
SANI SANI Wastewater Dispenser
S Size
11 Max. pressure
M Maintenance:
  • M = 1~
  • T = 3~
3 Motor and control unit:
  • 1 = Operation mode: S3, Control unit: Control MS-L
  • 3 = Operation mode: S3, Control Unit: Control EC-L
C Compatible with corrosive pumped liquids

Technical data

  • Mains supply: 1~230 V, 50 Hz or 3~400 V, 50 Hz
  • Service mode: S3 10%
  • Temperature of the pumped liquid: 3 ... 40 °C, max. 65 °C for 5 min
  • Extended liquid temperature, max: 40 °C
  • Tank capacity: 47 liters
  • Volume relative to inlet head*: 25l (180mm*)/32l (250mm*)
  • Capacitor volume: 25l (180mm*)/32l (250mm*)
  • Pressure connection: DN 80
  • Feedback connection: DN 100/150
  • Ventilation connection: 50 mm
  • Protection class of controller: IP54
  • Protection class of the waste water system: IP68 (2 m w.c., 7 days)


  • Motor housing: 1.4404
  • Hydraulics: PP-GF30
  • Wheel: PP-GF30
  • Vessel: PE
  • Feedback valve: PPS


Gas and watertight storage tank with sloping manifold and inspection opening with transparent cover. Free choice of inlets, level detection system with 4…20 mA analogue output signal. Connection to pressure connection with integrated non-return valve with inspection opening.

Surface-cooled motor drive with motor winding temperature control sensor.

Pre-wired control unit for automatic operation:

Wilo-Control MS-L

  • Generalized fault alarm with potential-free contact
  • Built-in, non-volatile alarm
  • Adjustable switch-off delay time
  • Power supply cable 1.5 m long, with integrated plug

Wilo-Control EC-L

  • Control via display and alphanumeric character menu
  • Generalized fault alarm with potential-free contact
  • Separate fault alarm with potential-free contact
  • ModBus interface
  • Integrated, non-volatile alarm
  • Adjustable switch-off delay time
  • Power supply cable 1.5 m long, with integrated plug


Declaration of Conformity Download
Installation instructions Download
Documentation Download



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