Apartment heat meter with digital output


The apartment heat meter "Pulsar" with digital output is a compact device designed for metering the consumption of heat energy in an apartment, private house, small office or retail space. Installed in a pipeline that provides heat supply to the facility. Designed for visual data reading. The device is equipped with a digital RS485 interface, which allows data transmission to a control center located at a distance. This allows you to read data without direct access to the device and even without visiting the apartment in which it is located. The warranty period is 6 years.


  • Made in Russia
  • The warranty period for the device is 6 years
  • Calibration interval 6 years
  • High-precision measurement of temperature differences from 0.25 ° C - suitable for studio apartments
  • Heat metering in Gcal, display in Russian
  • Compact dimensions, removable calculator
  • Touch button
  • Self-diagnosis function
  • Measurement of heat and cooling energy
  • There is a modification with 4 pulse inputs

Model overview

Those. information

Technical data  
Pressure loss at qp, МПа <0,025
Метрологический класс (EN1434) 1 or 2
Metrological class qi/ qp 1:50
Nominal pressure, МPа 1,6
Maximum temperature, °C 105
Temperature difference measurement range, °C 3 - 104
Temperature difference for starting energy counting, °C 0,25
Indicator LCD, 8 digits + special characters
Heat units Gcal
Data archive in non-volatile memory 60 Months, 184 of the day, 1488 hours
Features of the Ду15 Ду15 Ду20
Minimum consumption, qi, м3/час 0,012 0,03 0,05
Nominal flow, qp, м3/час 0,6 1,5 2,5
Maximum flow, qs, м3/час 1,2 3 5
Starting flow rate, m3 / hour <0,004 <0,008 <0,015
Connecting thread G3/4B G3/4B G1B
Length, mm 110 110 130


Certificate of type approval of measuring instruments Download
Description of the type of measuring instrument Download
Passport - heat meters «Pulsar» (modification T, mechanical) Download
European certificate of the heat meter «Pulsar» Download
Heat meter menu structure Download



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