Wilo-SiBoost Smart MVISE

Wilo-SiBoost Smart MVISE - Quiet, ready-to-connect water supply system


Optimal pump load regulation thanks to variable pressure control (pv) and parallel synchronous speed control for additional energy savings
Noise levels up to 20 dB(A) lower than in conventional systems at comparable hydraulic output
Very wide frequency converter control range: 20 Hz to a maximum of 50 Hz
Maintenance-free pump type without mechanical seals
High reliability due to various safety functions including overload protection, dry run protection and automatic shutdown
SCe control unit makes the system easy to set up and operate, thanks to LCD display and green adjusting button
Potable water tolerance for all components in contact with pumped media
Ready for integration into building automation system with SCe control unit via Modbus RTU serial protocol


Low-noise, ready for connection water-supply unit with 2 to 4 vertically arranged vertically arranged normal-suction stainless steel high-pressure multistage centrifugal pumps of the MVISE range in glanded version. Each pump is equipped with a built-in water-cooled frequency converter. The system is equipped with the Smart Controller SCe.


  • Fully automatic water supply and pressure boosting with pumped water either from the public water mains or from a reservoir at min. 0.5 m above the pump for private, industrial and municipal applications (e.g. domestic, commercial and office buildings, hotels, hospitals, industrial facilities, water supply companies). According to DIN 1988 and DIN EN 806 a back-up pump is included.
  • Approved pumped liquids are generally waters, which do not have aggressive chemical and mechanical effects on the materials used and do not contain abrasive and long-fibre constituents, such as
    • Drinking water
    • Cooling water
    • Processing water
    • Extinguishing water (apart from water for fire extinguishing systems as per DIN 14462; with the approval of the local fire authority).


  • 2 to 4 pumps of the MVISE range per installation with wet rotor motor and speed control via integrated frequency converter on each pump.
  • The SCe control unit provides automatic regulation and control of the pressure boosting unit.
  • Fully assembled on a height adjustable galvanized steel base frame.
  • All parts in contact with the pumped liquid are corrosion resistant.
  • On the pressure side:
    • Shut-off valves.
    • Non return valve
    • Non return valve at each pump
    • Expansion vessel 8 l diaphragm tank, PN 16
    • Pressure sensor 4...20 mA
    • Pressure gauge
  • On suction side:
    • Shut-off valve
    • Pressure sensor 4...20 mA
    • Pressure gauge

Model overview

Those. information

Supply kit

  • Factory-installed, pressure boosting unit tested for malfunction and leaks, ready for connection
  • Packaging
  • Installation and operating instructions

Name description

Example: Wilo-SiBoost Smart 3 MVISE 406
SiBoost Smart Compact pressure booster system with integrated speed control
3 Number of pumps
MVISE Pump series
4 Nominal flow [m3/h] of single pump
06 Number of stages of single pump

Technical data

  • Power supply 3~400V ±10%, 50Hz
  • Max. temperature of fluid to be pumped +50 °C
  • Environmental temperature max. +40 °C
  • Pressure range 16 bar
  • Inlet pressure 6 bar
  • Nominal diameters for connection:
    • Final pressure side R 2" — R 3"
    • From supply side R 2" — R 3"
  • RPM range 1100 - 2750 rpm
  • Protection class IP44
  • Motor-side fuses [AC 3] according to motor capacity and power supply company regulations


MVISE 2 – 8 m3/h

  • Pump body in stainless steel 1.4301 [AISI 304]
  • Hydraulic part in 1.4301 [AISI 304]
  • EpDM seals


Foundation frame: Zinc-plated steel, with height-adjustable anti-vibration mounts for good structure-borne sound insulation, as well as integrated support points and conduit.

Piping system: all stainless steel piping used to connect piping of any material used in structural engineering; the piping system must be sized to match the total hydraulic capacity of the pressure booster unit

Pumps: 2 to 4 MVISE 2, 4, 8 pumps connected in parallel are used. Fittings: every pump is equipped on the suction and pressure sides with a ball shut-off valve with DVGW approval mark or ring-valve shut-off valves and, on the pressure side, with a non-return valve with DVGW approval.

The 8 l/PN 16 diaphragm pressure vessel is located on the discharge side with a butyl rubber diaphragm, is DVGW/KTW approved, fulfils the requirements of the Food Safety Act; it has a shut-off ball cock, a drainage system and flow fittings with DVGW/KTW approval in accordance with DIN 4807 for testing and inspection purposes.

Pressure monitoring: 2 pressure sensors: 4…20 mA, located on the pressure side and suction side.

Pressure monitoring: 2 pressure sensors: 4…20 mA, located on the pressure side and suction side.

Pressure indication: Pressure gauge is located on suction and end pressure sides.

Pressure control panel: 4…20 mA pressure gauges are located on the pressure side.

Control Panel: Smart Controller SCe with LCD display as standard.

Other versions on request


Wilo-SiBoost Smart (FC) … Helix V/... Helix VE/... Helix EXCEL Download
Wilo-SiBoost Smart (FC) … Helix V/... Helix VE/... Helix EXCEL Download
Wilo-SiBoost Smart (FC) … Helix V/... Helix VE/... Helix EXCEL Download
Wilo-SiBoost Smart (FC) … Helix V/... Helix VE/... Helix EXCEL Download



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