Batch mixer with adjustable block

Batch mixer with adjustable block - 6060.00 To order

To start the water supply cycle, you must press the power button (see figure). The water supply stops after a set time regardless of the pressure in the system.

The mixer has a batch unit with the ability to adjust the response time. The adjustment is carried out using a screw located under the decorative cap on the power button. Response times and water consumption are given in p. "Custom parameters". For adjustment instructions, see the product data sheet.

Note: Using the water temperature control lever, you can change the ratio of hot and cold water at the outlet, but you cannot completely turn off the hot or cold water.

  • Recommended pressure 2.5 bar 2;
  • Working temperature - up to 75°С;
  • Weight 1.5 kg;
  • Sink thickness from 0.5 to 35mm.

Note: To avoid damage to the protective and decorative coating, do not clean using abrasive materials or products containing highly active solvents.

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