Bath / basin mixer Cross flat spout

Bath / basin mixer Cross flat spout - 6540.00 To order

A high-quality mixer for household needs, made according to modern technologies using only high-quality components. Modern Russian and imported equipment for assembly and control ensures high quality and reliability of products. All mixers are adapted to the operating conditions in Russia.

The mixer is made of high quality brass of the LS59 brand, meets Russian and international requirements. The brass body is protected by a composite polymer casing with a decorative coating. The cover protects against accidental burns and gives the mixer a modern look. Also, such a design solution allows you to lighten the structure and simplify the repair.

The mixer is equipped with rubber or ceramic taps-axles and a ceramic shower / spout switch from Fluhs (Germany). The switch works on the principle of a ceramic valve-axle box, its operation is not affected by the existing water pressure in the water supply network. The working life of the shutoff and control elements is more than 500 000 switching cycles.

The design was developed by the specialists of the KAYA group together with the Finnish engineers of Variosan OY.

  • Installation distance between the axes of the supply pipes 150 ± 15 mm;
  • Deviation from parallelism between the eccentric axes ± 3 degrees.;
  • Recommended pressure 2.5 atm;
  • Working temperature - up to 75С°;
  • Mixer weight included, no more than 2 kg;
  • (The mixer is designed to operate at pressures from 2 to 6.3 atm).
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