Uninterruptible power supply module

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Uninterruptible power supply module

The uninterruptible power supply module is designed to protect sensitive equipment from voltage surges in the network, short circuits, as well as to transfer the load to the battery during a power outage. The device is manufactured in a plastic housing for DIN rail mounting. External circuits are connected using screw terminals without disassembling the module.

  • Switching the load from the power supply to the battery (when the network is disconnected) up to 8 hours of work;
  • Reverse polarity protection for battery and power supply inputs;
  • Output short circuit protection for unlimited time;
  • overheat protection;
  • Automatic disconnection of the load when the voltage on the battery drops to 9.9V;
  • Fully controlled battery charging process;
  • Opening detection in the battery circuit when operating from a power supply unit;
  • Limiting the charge power when operating from a power supply unit and shorting the battery terminals;
  • Ambient temperature from +5 to +50 C (optional from -40 to + 70).
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