Household heat meter with visual readout

Household heat meter with visual readout - 8058.00 To order

Heat meter "Pulsar" with a visual reader - designed to measure: the amount of heat energy, cooling energy, heat power, volumetric flow (volume), temperature, temperature difference of the coolant (water). The heat meter can be used to measure heat in a dead-end hot water supply system, like a hot water meter, which determines the volume of water whose temperature is higher than the set value. The heat meter includes a flow transducer, a calculator and a pair of platinum resistance thermocouples. The principle of operation of the heat meter consists in measuring the volume and temperature of the coolant in the supply and return pipelines and the subsequent determination of thermal energy by processing the measurement results with a calculator.

  • Pressure loss at qp, MPa: <0.025;
  • Metrological class (EN1434): 2;
  • Flow measurement dynamic range qi/qp: 1:50;
  • Nominal pressure, MPa: 1.6;
  • Maximum temperature, °C: 105;
  • Temperature difference measurement range, °C: 3 - 104;
  • Temperature difference for the start of energy counting, °C: 0.25;
  • LCD indicator, 8 digits + special characters;
  • Heat units: Gcal;
  • Data archive in non-volatile memory: 60 Months, 184 days, 1488 hours.
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