SiClean Comfort


High efficiency through a combination of physical effects: centrifugal forces, magnetophoresis and vortex effect
Easy to use thanks to fully automatic operation
Quick and easy installation thanks to "Plug & Play" version
High comfort through fully automatic and controlled ejection of collected particles into the sludge box
High functionality through removal of all magnetic and non-magnetic particles, free air and micro-bubbles in the medium and support for gas extraction


Fully automatic, compact particle separator, supplied in Plug & Play version, easy to install. The system consists of the following mechanical and hydraulic components: pump, separator (including particle collection chamber), automatic flushing device, venting device, SC control unit to control the pump and flushing device. The system is placed on site and secured to the floor. The connections to the suction and pressure connections as well as the electrical connection to the network are provided by the customer. Emptying is automatic by parameterization of the control unit.


The Wilo-SiClean Comfort removes particles from heating systems using natural physical processes. For installation in industrial facilities (office buildings, hotels, hospitals, shopping centers, schools, etc.) and in heating and air conditioning systems for district heating.

Model overview


Product designation Article number
SiClean Comfort 12 4194907
SiClean Comfort 15 4194908
SiClean Comfort 20 4194909
SiClean Comfort 25 4194910
SiClean Comfort 30 4194911
SiClean Comfort 40 4194912
SiClean Comfort 50 4194913
SiClean Comfort 65 4194914

Those. information


  • Pump types: Wilo-VeroLine-IPL 32...(SiClean Comfort 12/15/20), Wilo-VeroLine-IPL 40...(SiClean Comfort 25/30/40), Wilo-VeroLine-IPL 50...(SiClean Comfort 50), Wilo-VeroLine-IPL 65...(SiClean Comfort 65)
  • Corrosion-resistant hydraulic components made of stainless steel.
  • Reinforced hoses are connected to the inlet and outlet of the particle separator. Hoses connected to the recirculation pipe on the bypass, with small and inexpensive connections, resulting in low pressure losses
  • A pre-assembled venting device, which diverts microbubbles through automatic venting
  • Flushing device, including electronic drain valve and optional safety valve with leak detection device to prevent media leaks
  • Automatic emptying of the particulate collection chamber
  • SC control unit for fully automatic operation of pump and flushing device with adjustable parameters and connections for Modbus and BACnet
  • Separator for removal of magnetic and non-magnetic particles with magnets

Scope of delivery

  • Wilo-SiClean Comfort Particle Separator
  • Installation and operating instructions for Wilo-SiClean Comfort (incl. description of control unit SC)
  • Installation and operating instructions Wilo-VeroLine-IPL...

Explanation of designation

Example: Wilo-SiClean Comfort 12
SiClean Comfort Standard version, automatically operated, with inline pump with glanded technology
12 Nominal diameter of the separator inlet


SiClean Comfort


Installation and operating instructions Download



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