Ultrasonic apartment heat meter with radio output

Ultrasonic apartment heat meter with radio output - 11993.00 To order

Ultrasonic heat meter with radio output is designed for apartment-based metering of heat energy consumption. It is installed in a piping system with horizontal piping. To read the data, access to the metering device and the presence of the tenant are not required - the transfer is carried out to the dispatching device via a radio channel. Using a radio channel allows you to transmit information regardless of the presence of a cellular signal. The radio module is a self-contained device - it works from a built-in battery.

Heat meters with a radio output Pulsar manufactured by R&PE Teplovodokhran are highly accurate and reliable devices with a self-diagnostic function. The work interval between verification is six years.

  • Pressure loss at qp, MPa: <0.025;
  • Metrological class (EN1434): 2;
  • Flow measurement dynamic range qi/qp: 1:50;
  • Nominal pressure, MPa: 1.6;
  • Maximum temperature, °C: 105;
  • Temperature difference measurement range, °C: 3 - 104;
  • Temperature difference for the start of energy counting, °C: 0.25;
  • LCD indicator, 8 digits + special characters;
  • Heat units: Gcal;
  • Data archive in non-volatile memory: 60 Months, 184 days, 1488 hours.
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