Ultrasonic water meter with radio output

Ultrasonic water meter with radio output 1/2" - 11633.00 To order
A unified automated system for accounting and control of water consumption in apartment buildings, industrial, commercial, business complexes provides for the presence of an individual water meter with the function of remote data transmission at each individual facility. Many consumers choose Pulsar ultrasonic water meters with radio output. This is due to such advantages of these devices as high accuracy of readings, reliability in operation, correct operation in different pressure and temperature modes, long service life, a secure channel for remote data transmission, the ability to store information in an archive
  • Pressure loss at qp, MPa: <0.025;
  • Dynamic range of flow measurement qi / qp: 1:100;
  • Nominal pressure, MPa: 1.6;
  • Maximum temperature, °C: 105/150;
  • LCD indicator, 8 digits + special characters;
  • Data archive in non-volatile memory: 60 Months, 184 days, 1488 hours.
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