Heat meter ZENNER zelsius IUF


The ultrasonic energy meter for measuring heat and cold zelsius® C5 IUF is designed for fully electronic measurement of thermal energy: economical, easy to install and maintain, withstand heavy loads.

The combination of state-of-the-art technology and compact design makes the zelsius® C5 the optimal meter for reading all calculation-relevant data when measuring energy consumption in heating and cooling systems.

The compact ultrasonic energy meter zelsius® C5 is versatile. At home transfer stations (inputs) of local and central heating, as well as in central heating systems of residential buildings, in which the organization of an individual payment for the consumption of thermal energy is required.

The ultrasonic technology is wear-free, stable during long-term operation, insensitive to contamination, and ensures reliable measurements even at very low volume flows.

The removable heat meter is equipped with an LCD display for displaying readings and has data storage functions.
The heat meter is controlled only by means of a single colored antistatic button. Even people who are far from technology can easily master work with a heat meter.

Thanks to its versatile communication interfaces, the zelsius® C5 is the guarantor of economic and environmental efficiency in reading consumption data.

Regardless of whether the data is read out via radio or M-Bus, the zelsius® C5 ensures fast and reliable data transfer in any case.

  • Available as heat meter, cold meter or combined heat / cold meter
  • Minimum installation height
  • Option: wM-Bus interface
  • Option: M-Bus interface
  • Option: 3 or 3 outputs for remote reading
  • Option: with a measuring cycle of 4 seconds
  • Arbitrary mounting position (including inverted)
  • Save all monthly values ​​for the entire period
  • Power can be supplied from the mains or batteries with a service life of up to 11 years
  • Accuracy, long-term stability, no wear
  • Very wide dynamic range
  • MID class 2 certified


Principle of operation Ultrasonic water meters
Face-to-face length without fittings 110 mm
130 mm
150 mm
190 mm
260 mm
300 mm
Body material brass
Counting mechanism electronic
Nominal flow qp (Heat meters) qp = 0,6
qp = 1,5
qp = 2,5
qp = 6
qp = 10
Nominal diameter DN (мм) DN 20
DN 25
DN 32
DN 40
Water temperature 0 ... 130°C
Data transmission system with a pulse encoder
3 inputs or 3 outputs

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