Heat meter ZENNER zelsius ISF


Heat meter zelsius® C5 ISF with a single-jet flow transducer - a combination of economy with a compact design and high measuring accuracy. Made in a compact, easy-to-use and ergonomic case. Easy to install due to the monoblock design.

The zelsius® C5 ISF heat meter is designed for commercial heat metering in closed and open water heat consumption systems and subscriber heat energy metering units at housing and communal services and industrial facilities:

  • on heat pipes
  • at heating plants
  • in apartments, cottages, offices, etc.

The heat calculator in the combined version is removable and allows installation even in the most inaccessible places. Convenient and easy for the user thanks to the intuitive interface.

The instrument has an optical interface for safe and fast readout.

Features in the design of the measuring part are the basis for high accuracy and stability of measurement over many years.
The heat meter is controlled only by means of a single colored antistatic button. Even people who are far from technology can easily master work with a heat meter.

Additionally, the flow path can be equipped with a shut-off cover. This design allows during operation to remove the measuring unit for maintenance and verification without stopping the heat supply system.

Regardless of whether the data is read out via radio or M-Bus, the zelsius® C5 ensures fast and reliable data transfer in any case.

  • Available as heat meter, cold meter or combined heat / cold meter
  • Minimum installation height
  • Option: wM-Bus interface
  • Option: M-Bus interface
  • Option: 3 or 3 outputs for remote reading
  • Option: with a measuring cycle of 8 seconds
  • Horizontal and vertical mounting position
  • Save all monthly values ​​for the entire period
  • Power can be supplied from the mains or batteries with a service life of up to 11 years
  • Accuracy, long-term stability, no wear
  • Very wide dynamic range
  • MID certified class 3


Principle of operation Single jet water meters
Body material brass
Counting mechanism electronic
Nominal flow qp (Heat meters) qp = 0,6
qp = 1,5
qp = 2,5
Water temperature heating circuit up to 90° C
Counter readings in cubic meters (м³)
in kWh
in MWh
in GJ
Data transmission system M-Bus
3 inputs or 3 outputs

Model overview

Those. information


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