Zedra Touch


With the Zedra Touch mixer, the fluid and sensual power of water will take center stage in your kitchen space. The Zedra mixers combine ergonomic design with external showiness & ndash; for example, this manifests itself in the characteristic shape of the swivel spout with a downward extension and the excellent tactilely pleasing lever design. The range now includes faucets with GROHE EasyTouch technology for one-touch control of the water. In the basic version, a built-in mixing valve is responsible for the water supply when the sensor is activated. If you additionally install a Grohtherm Micro thermostat under the sink, you will be provided with an automatic supply of warm water at a controlled temperature, as well as protection against scalding.


Your faucet will stay clean even when you have to wash your dirty hands:
You can turn on the water by touching the faucet with your wrist or forearm to avoid contamination and bacteria transfer.


When the mixer is switched on by touch (using the EasyTouch function), cold water is supplied. Optionally, you can install a thermostatic mixing

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