OP fitting system

The ONE PLUS system consists of threaded brass fittings, polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) fittings and PEX-a plastic rings. OP fittings are designed for installation of plumbing and heating systems using ONE PLUS PEX-a pipes.

The connection method is based on a special property of the PEX-a molecular memory - after the expansion of the pipe and the ring, the pipe returns to its original state. When shrinking, the fitting is tightly squeezed, the connection becomes strong, one-piece and durable.

Properties of ONE PLUS fittings:

  • Maximum working pressure 10 bar, test pressure 15 bar.
  • The maximum permissible temperature of the transported medium is + 95 ° C.
  • Service life: 50 years (subject to the temperature conditions given in GOST 32415-2013).
  • The melting point of PPSU is 220 ° C.
  • Approved for use in drinking water supply systems.
  • 10-year warranty.
  • All fittings have the required certificates.

ONE PLUS fittings have the following advantages over other systems:

  • Threaded fittings are made of high quality CW617N brass to ensure hygiene and corrosion resistance.
  • Installation safety, there is no need to use additional sealing rings, the pipe itself serves as a seal.
  • After the assembly is completed, the connection becomes maintenance-free and one-piece.
  • The connection can be embedded in concrete.
  • Increased flow area - ensuring minimum pressure loss.
  • Simplified tool - only one expander is used for installation.
  • Installation is allowed up to -15 ° С.
  • Considering the cost of the OP fittings themselves, as well as the reduced labor cost due to quick installation, the OP offers the largest savings of all other PEX systems.

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