Ball valve AquaHit int-int (butterfly)

Ball valve AquaHit int-int (butterfly) 1/2" - 244.53 To order
Ball valve AquaHit int-int (butterfly) 3/4" - 362.66 To order
Ball valve AquaHit int-int (butterfly) 1" - 636.53 To order

Ball valve AquaHit int-int (butterfly)

  • Thread: 1/2", Price: 244.53 ₽;
  • Thread: 3/4", Price: 362.66 ₽;
  • Thread: 1", Price: 636.53 ₽.

AquaHit ball valves are shut-off valves and are not designed to regulate flow. They are designed to quickly shut off the flow on domestic pipelines for hot and cold water supply systems, heating. No resistance to flow. Ball valves with a half-grip allow you to connect devices that require periodic maintenance to the system.


  • Nominal diameter DN, mm: 15;
  • Lock tightness class: A;
  • Operating temperature range, °С: -20 ÷ +120;
  • Nominal pressure PN, bar: 25;
  • Average full service life, years: 15;
  • Maintainability: yes.
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