Battery expander

Battery expander - 72635.55 To order

Cordless expansion tool with heads

  • 16x2,0/2,2;
  • 20x1,9/2,0;
  • 25x2,3;
  • 32*2.9

Expander Specifications:
Automatically rotating head from 16 to 25 mm (10 bar) and allows precise expansion with one hand
Expansion nozzles for pipes: 16x1.8/16x2.2; 20x2.8; 25x3.5 mm
Built-in battery indicator and overload protection provide increased performance and user friendliness
Fast-acting cam mechanism - single-rod continuous action allows installation up to 4 times faster
Integrated work surface lighting
Steel gears and integrated metal frame
Battery cell monitoring optimizes tool run time and ensures battery longevity
Battery charge indicator and LED backlight on the engine body for added convenience and illumination in poor visibility conditions

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