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Pulsar electricity meters

The purchase or replacement of an electric meter is necessary at the stage of construction or overhaul, as well as in case of failure of the existing device. If the task is to buy an electricity meter, you should consider not only the cost, but also the characteristics of the device. In the domestic market, Pulsar products are most in demand. produced by OOO NPP "TEPLOVODOKHRAN". The price of electric meters of this brand is affordable, while the technical and functional characteristics are in no way inferior to analogues of foreign manufacturers.

Advantages of electronic meters

The line of electric meters "Pulsar" includes electronic devices. They differ from other types in that they convert the incoming signal into a digital format. The result (reading) is displayed on an electromechanical dial or screen –— depending on the device model. Although the price of electronic electricity meters is formally somewhat higher, it pays off in a short time due to the following advantages of these devices:

  • high accuracy of readings (measurement error is minimal);
  • The risks of electricity theft are minimized;
  • compact size and presentable appearance;
  • high reliability and long service life.

The line includes models that allow you to keep records at several rates.

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