Turbine water meter with digital output


Compared to vane devices, turbine water meters "Pulsar" have a long service life, so they are installed in commercial and industrial facilities, as well as in apartment buildings. When passing through the measuring unit, the flow of water sets in motion a turbine, according to the number of rotations of which the volume of the used liquid is determined. The device of this modification is equipped with a digital RS485 module, which ensures the transmission of signals at a distance, so for taking readings there is no need for direct access to the meter. The maximum transmission distance depends on the signal speed.

Pulsar meters are famous for their ease of operation and maintenance, the ability to integrate into a metering system with several water meters, built-in archive memory, and an automatic leak detection function.


  • The ability to wirelessly read data without access to the house, basement, well
  • IP68 protection - suitable for flooded areas
  • External magnetic field sensor
  • Inductive data acquisition
  • Open exchange protocol
  • Increased service life of the turbine
  • Readings archive
  • Automatic synchronization of meter readings and system


Technical data  
Permissible error in the range Qt ≤ Q ≤ Qmax , % 2
Permissible error in the range Qmin ≤ Q < Qt , % 5
Counting mechanism capacity, m³ 999999,999
The smallest division value of the indicating device, m³ 0,001
Number in the Register of measuring instruments of the Russian Federation 58381—14
Features of the Ду50 Ду65 Ду80 Ду100 Ду150 Ду200 Ду250
Water consumption, m³/h  
— the greatest, Qmax 50 78.75 80 125 312.5 500 800
— nominal, Qn 40 63 63 100 250 400 630
— transition, Qt 0.8 1.26 1.26 2.0 5.0 8.0 12.6
— least, Qmin 0.45 0.75 0.78 1.25 3.12 5.0 7.87
Water consumption at a pressure loss of 0.01 MPa, m³/h 20 40 70 130 315 350 400

Model overview

Those. information


Type Approval Certificate Turbine Water Meters Download
Passport - Turbine water meters "Pulsar" version 1 (copper register IP68) Download
Passport - Turbine water meters "Pulsar" version 2 (copper register IP68) Download
Passport - Turbine water meters "Pulsar" version 3 (copper register IP68) Download
Passport - Turbine water meters "Pulsar" version 4 (copper register IP68) Download
Hygienic conclusion turbine water meters Download



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