Turbine water meters

Turbine water meters: characteristics, advantages, installation features

Accounting for water consumption is possible not only at home or at commercial facilities, but also in large industrial complexes. However, in this case, it is necessary to use more powerful and productive metering devices. The practice of using turbine water meters proved to be the most effective. This type of water meters from the brand "Pulsar" from the company «TEPLOVODOKHRAN» recommended for purchase in large apartment complexes, cottage settlements, industrial enterprises, in backbone networks.

Why buy a turbine water meter?

Like household models, turbine water meters have two components — measuring unit and computing mechanism. However, the working element of the measuring unit is not an impeller, but a turbine that rotates under the influence of a water flow. The number of revolutions of the turbine is read by the magnetic coupling and transmitted to the computing unit, which converts this data into a volume of water in cubic meters.

Consumers prefer to buy turbine water meters "Pulsar T" thanks to the following advantages of these metering devices:

  • high strength and tightness of the metal case, which makes the internal components resistant to moisture, mechanical stress and the influence of external magnetic fields. Meters are allowed to be installed in rooms with high humidity and even in flooded wells;
  • easy to install and dismantle, reliable operation — due to the minimum number of switching;
  • high turbine life;
  • detection of leaks in automatic mode.

The price of a turbine water meter depends on the modifications.

Modifications and additional equipment

Turbine water meters are available as standard, as well as with additional equipment:

  • radio module. The kit provides for the presence of a receiving radio module, as well as (optionally) — remote antenna;
  • reed sensor (for pulsed data transmission);
  • RS485 module — to transmit data over a digital channel.

If additional equipment is available, the price of a turbine water meter increases. But at the same time, data accounting is greatly simplified, since readings can be read remotely.

Features of installation and ordering of turbine water meters

Turbine water meters are connected to the pipeline by the flange method. Delivery sets do not include connecting elements. Mating flanges, adapters, seals, spacers and other elements are purchased separately — according to the specifics of the installation.

Water meters of this type are installed on horizontal sections of pipelines, the dial should "look" up. The installation must be carried out in such a way that the measuring capsule is always filled with water. It is not recommended to place devices at a distance of less than two meters from equipment that emits powerful electromagnetic waves (power transformers and others). It is strictly forbidden to use permanent magnets in the coverage area of ​​water meters.

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