Electronic water meter


Electronic water meters "Pulsar" are designed to measure the volume of cold or hot water flowing in pipelines of cold and hot water supply systems.
The principle of operation of the counter is to measure the number of revolutions of the impeller rotating under the action of the flow of flowing water. The counter has an electronic impeller speed sensor. The signal from the sensor goes to a microprocessor device, which calculates the volume of water that has passed through the meter. The volume value is displayed on the indicator device.

To transfer the results of measuring the volume of water to external information systems, the meters can be equipped with: a pulse output (including with the definition of a reverse stroke); digital output RS 485; M – Bus output; radio modules IoT, NB-IoT, LoRaWAN and WM-BUS.


  • No magnetic clutch
  • Protected against external magnetic field
  • The ability to additionally measure the volume of water with a temperature above / below the set temperature threshold;
  • Reverse detection
  • Readings archive
  • One-piece housing design as protection against interference with meter readings
  • Calibration interval 6 years for hot and cold water
  • Embedded software (SW)


Technical data  
Nominal diameter, mm 15—20
The smallest division value of the indicating device, м³ 0,000001
Indicator mechanism capacity, м³ 999999,999999
Limits of permissible relative error in the interval of the measurement range, % от Qmin до Qt от Qt до Оmax ±5 ±2
Maximum temperature of measured water of cold water meters, ºС от 0 до +40
Maximum temperature of measured water with hot water meters, ºС от 0 до +95
Measured medium pressure, MPa, no more 1,6
Radio module frequency in the range, MHz 433,075…434,479
Pressure loss at maximum flow rate, MPa, not more 0,1
Archive depth hourly — 1488, daily — 184, monthly — 60

Model overview

Those. information


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