ETK-I-N / ETW-I-N water meters


Surface-mounted meters ETK / ETW / ETH are single-jet dry ducts for cold and hot water

Modern meters have to meet the most varied requirements today. Along with high stability and measurement accuracy, they must be prepared for future possible applications. Increasingly, meters are read out remotely, for example via the M-Bus or radio. Our “-I-N” meters are ideal for these requirements. They, combining all the industrial advantages of normal ETK / ETW, and also allow you to take meter readings in a pulsed way.

Our proven single-jet meter ETK-I-N / ETW-I-N is available with 5-digit or 8-digit
roller counter and pulse encoder, retrofitted by the supplier.
The standard impulse price is a resolution of 10 or 100 l / imp.

  • Option with pulse output (reed switch) for remote reading of consumption data
  • Impulse weight 10 l / imp. (others on request)
  • ETK-I-N version for cold water, short-term temperature rise up to 50 ° C
  • Version ETW-I-N for hot water, withstands a temperature rise of up to 90 ° C for a short time
  • Built in both horizontal and vertical pipelines
  • MID certified


Face-to-face length without fittings 80 mm
110 mm
130 mm
Body material bras
Nominal flow Qn Qn 1,5
Qn 2,5
Nominal diameter DN (mm) DN 15
DN 20
Counting mechanism dry ship
Nominal size DN (Inch) 1/2 "
3/4 "
Principle of operation Single jet water meters
Water temperature cold water until 40° C
Counter readings in cubic meters (м³)
Data transmission system with a pulse encoder
Metrological class at horizon. position (мах.) B

Model overview

Those. information


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