Apartment water meters DN 15 - DN 20

Apartment water meters (water meters) at a bargain price

Installing a water meter allows you to significantly save on paying for resource consumption. The subscriber pays for the actual water consumption, which, as practice shows, is much less compared to the current standards. The most popular are tachometric apartment water meters, their prices are quite affordable, and operation and maintenance are extremely simple.

The main working element of the measuring mechanism is the impeller, which is driven by water pressure. By the number of revolutions of this element, the computing mechanism calculates the volume of fluid used.

Features and advantages of residential water meters "Pulsar"

LLC NPP "TEPLOVODOKHRAN" offers to buy apartment water meters of its own production — metering devices of the trade mark "Pulsar". Single-jet models are offered for installation in apartments — water enters the impeller in a single stream, and does not break into several jets. The computing mechanism is placed in a dry hermetic case, the transfer of information from the impeller is carried out through a magnetic coupling.

The assortment includes models of apartment water meters in the modification of Du 15 and Du 20. Marking "Du" the nominal bore diameter is indicated — internal width of the pipeline. To the advantages of the devices "Pulsar" include:

  • The ability to install on vertical, horizontal and even inclined pipelines. This should take into account the size of the space required for the installation of a water meter. For DN 15 devices, it is 80 and 110 mm, for DN 20 — 130 mm;
  • versatility — you can buy a water meter in an apartment for use in both cold and hot water supply systems;
  • adapted to the realities of domestic water supply — impurities in the water, pressure drops in the plumbing system;
  • high reliability, long service life — if the operating rules are observed, the water meter will serve more than 10 years.
  • high strength and tightness of the case, resistance to moisture and magnetic fields. The body is made of durable brass, wall thickness — not less than 2.1 mm. High-strength primary plastic is used for the counting mechanism;
  • ease of installation, ease of use and maintenance;
  • high data accuracy, minimal error. However, it should be noted that when installed vertically, the impeller is also affected by gravity, so the error of the device may increase;
  • a wide range of modifications, which allows you to choose the optimal solution in accordance with the needs of a particular consumer;
  • resistance to pressure increase in the pipeline;
  • Long period between verifications (6 years).
  • Possibility of integration into a unified water consumption accounting system.

Types of Pulsar water meters

Depending on the type of computing mechanism, our company offers the following types of water meters:

  • mechanical. The computing unit is a mechanism with gears that rotate registers with numbers. On the front panel there is a scale that displays the current readings;
  • electronic — the price of such devices is somewhat higher. They are equipped with an electronic display, which displays not only the readings on water consumption, but also the temperature of the liquid. If the hot water in the system is below the established norm, we recommend buying a water meter for an apartment equipped with an electronic computing unit. It allows you to fix the temperature of the water and, in case of non-compliance with the norm, pay the tariffs for cold water.

According to the method of reading data, the following types of apartment water meters are offered:

  • with visual reading. Reading requires direct access to the instrument, so it must be installed in a convenient location. Data can be collected both by the consumer and by employees of the management company or resource supply organization;
  • with pulse output. The principle of operation is based on the formation of electrical impulses that occur when a sealed contact is closed. Data can be transmitted remotely to the dispatching device and stored in the archive;
  • with radio output. It is completed with a special module that provides remote data transmission over long distances. Information is transmitted over a radio channel at a frequency of 433.92 MHz;
  • with digital output RS485 or Mbus. The digital module provides information transmission over wires. The device can be integrated into a remote data collection and accounting system, placed both in the immediate vicinity of the dispatching device, and at a great distance from it.

By modifications:

  • DN 15 with accuracy class A, B, and C;
  • DN 20 with accuracy class A and B.

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