Apartment water meter with radio output


A single-jet water meter with a radio output "Pulsar IoT" is designed to measure the volume of hot and cold drinking water according to SanPiN and network water flowing through the pipeline in cold and hot water supply systems. To read the data, access to the metering device and the presence of the tenant are not required - the transfer is carried out to the dispatching device via a radio channel. Using a radio channel allows you to transmit information regardless of the presence of a cellular signal. The radio module is a self-contained device - it works from a built-in battery.


  • Digital module made in Russia
  • Possibility of wireless data retrieval without access to the apartment
  • External magnetic field sensor
  • Inductive data acquisition
  • Ease of installation and system reliability (no unnecessary commutations)
  • Open exchange protocol
  • Determination of flow direction
  • Readings archive
  • Automatic synchronization of water meter readings and metering systems
  • Lifetime digital output warranty
  • Calibration interval 6 years for hot and cold water
  • Improved check valve design


Technical data  
Nominal pressure MPa 1,6
Permissible error in the range Qt ≤ Q ≤ Qmax, % 2
Permissible error in the range Qmin ≤ Q ≤ Qt, % 5
Water temperature +5 °С cold water, +90 °С hot water
Number in the Register of Measuring Instruments of the Russian Federation 63458-16
Features of the Ду15 Ду15 Ду15 Ду20 Ду20
Accuracy class А В С А В
Water consumption, m3/h  
— least, Qmin 0,06 0,03 0,015 0,1 0,05
— transition, Qt 0,15 0,12 0,022 0,25 0,2
— nominal, Qn 1,5 1,5 1,5 2,5 2,5
— the greatest, Qmax 3,0 3,0 3,0 5,0 5,0

Model overview

Those. information


Passport - Water meters one-jet "Pulsar" 1 l. Imp. Download
Passport - Water meters one-jet "Pulsar" class C Download
Passport - Receiving module USB radio link Download
Receiving module setting Download
Description of type SI single-jet water meter Download



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