Remote indicator of the heat meter


The remote indicator of the Pulsar heat meter is designed to display the readings of the Pulsar heat meter if access to the heat meter is difficult.

The device is an electronic unit containing a button and a liquid crystal indicator.

The principle of operation of the device consists in reading the readings of the heat meter via the RS485 interface and displaying the readings on the LCD.

The device reads from the heat meter and displays the following parameters on the LCD:

  • energy (Gcal);
  • power (Gcalchas);
  • supply pipeline temperature, (ºС);
  • return pipeline temperature, (ºС);
  • temperature difference, (ºС);
  • volume of the supply pipeline (m3);
  • return pipeline volume (m3);
  • the mass of the supply pipeline (t);
  • return pipe weight (t);
  • flow of the supply pipeline (m3 / hour);
  • return pipeline flow rate (m3 / hour);
  • date and time;
  • network address;
  • error codes.


Technical data  
Operating conditions:  
ambient temperature range, °С from +5 to +50
relative humidity range, % from 20 to 95
atmospheric pressure range, kPa from 61 to 106.7
Protection class according to GOST 14254 IP65
Average service life, years, not less, 12
External supply voltage, В 9…30
Consumption current from an external source RS485, mA, no more 10

Model overview

Those. information


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