Temperature meter


The Pulsar temperature meter is designed to measure temperature through one or two channels.

The temperature meter includes a calculator and one or two platinum resistance thermocouples. The principle of operation of the device consists in measuring the temperature by processing the measurement results with a calculator.

The device measures, calculates and displays the following parameters on the LCD:

  • temperature, (ºС); temperature difference, (ºС); date and time; network address; error codes.

The meter has a nonvolatile memory in which temperature values ​​are recorded over a time interval. The depth of the archive is 60 months, 184 days and 1488 hours. Using the M-Bus protocol, it is possible to read a monthly archive with a depth of 24 entries. The non-volatile memory stores an event log containing information about errors that occur during operation and changes in tuning parameters.

The meters are supplied both without interfaces and with interfaces: RS485, M-Bus, radio channel. The choice of the interface is made when ordering the device.


Technical data  
Temperature measurement range, ºС from 1 to 105
Limits of permissible absolute error of temperature measurements, °С ±(0,6+0,004·t)
Temperature difference measurement range, ∆t, ºС from 3 to 104
Limits of permissible relative error of a set of temperature sensors, % ±(0,5+3·∆tmin/∆t)
Maximum working pressure, MPa 1,6
Operating conditions:  
— ambient temperature range, °С from +5 to +50
— relative humidity range, % from 20 to 95
— atmospheric pressure range, kPa from 61 to 106.7
Protection class according to GOST 14254 IP54
Average service life, years, not less, 12
Length of connecting cables of thermal converters, mm (other values ​​are possible on request) 1200
Length of connecting cables of the RS485 interface, mm (other values ​​are possible on request) 1000
DC battery voltage, В 3,6±0,1
Battery life, years, not less 6
Radio module characteristics:  
— working frequency band, MHz 433.075 to 434.479 (868.7 to 869.2)
— output power, mW, no more 10 (25)
Interface supply voltage, В 9…30
Features of the RS485 M-Bus
Speed 9600 2400
Stop beats 1 1
Parity None Even
Bits 8 8
Network address Corresponds to the serial number 0

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