Radiator aluminum HALSEN 350/80

Radiator aluminum 350/80 - 490.78 To order

Aluminum radiators are a device that provides space heating, made of aluminum. Halsen radiators are smooth, lightweight, compact and do not require painting. Domestic cast aluminum radiators "Halsen", created at the Russian plant "Forte Prom GmbH" on high-tech European equipment, are produced by the most modern method at present - the method of "injection molding", each radiator section is poured entirely and a bottom is welded to the finished section (sump ).They provide fast heat transfer to the air in the heated room. The radiator has increased corrosion resistance of the interior finish, which protects the device from rust formation. During the production process, the device undergoes a modern quality control system at various stages, which guarantees their reliability of use for many years.

Radiators are supplied in 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 sections.

Model 350/80
Working pressure, atm 16
Test pressure, atm 24
Heat transfer, kW 0.119
Section capacity, l 0.24
Section weight, kg 0.8
Center distance, mm 350
Height, mm 420
Depth, mm 80
Width, mm 80

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